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Viator / niagara falls tour

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I submitted payment of a tour $412.00 and immediately upon submission I realized the time of the tour was selected in error and at a time my family could not accommodate. I immediately called Viator and explained the error. At the time, the transaction was still pending and had not been applied to my credit card. They asked me to hold so they could speak to the supplier of tour (Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours-Niagara Falls), they had me on hold for several minutes, and when they came back on the line they stated that the supplier was unwilling to adjust the time of my tour reservation. They stated that this was due to the supplier having held this time slot for our reservation. Mind you, that I immediately called after I submitted the reservation and while the payment had not been posted to my card. For a future day and time. I then realized they had processed the payment while they had me on hold instead of contacting the supplier as they communicated. I then asked for them to cancel it altogether as we could not do the time that had been selected in error. They refused to do that and said all sales were final. Having been in sales for 20+ years, I can understand sticking to a no cancellation policy especially if a hold had been made on a time slot that caused other potential business to be lost. I cannot understand the lack of accommodation to correct an error or accommodate a cancellation after an immediate request was made. No business had been lost as this was a future reservation and not day of. I then contacted my credit card company, Capital One, and explained the situation. They called Viator on my behalf and conferenced me in. We went through the whole conversation once again and I forcefully asked for a cancellation with the back-up of my credit card company. The rep refused. I then asked for a Supervisor. He placed me on hold and when he came back he told me that he had escalated my cancellation request to the proper department and that I should receive an email confirmation within 48-hours. He said a supervisor was unavailable to speak with me. Needless to say, I never received an email confirmation of a cancellation or any email from Viator. When I arrived for the tour, that I had to pay again for this time directly to the supplier, Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours, for the correct tour time, this one was $50+ cheaper then the one I reserved through Viator although the exact tour but at an earlier time. Whirlpool Jet Tours, showed great concern and frustration with my experience. They said that Viator had never contacted them. They were able to adjust the later reservation by removing our party so that they could offer to another group. They also mentioned having repeated problems working with Viator. I followed back up with my credit card company after we returned home and no follow-up email from Viator was received with the specified time and they immediately refunded my money to my card that had been processed through Viator. They are following through with a dispute and will deal directly with Viator so that I do not have to. I am truly disgusted with a company that is completely inflexible and approaches each sale as a "we gotcha" instead of thinking more long term to accommodate their customers who make reasonable requests especially when they have had no loss of business, no service or product had been received. You would think they would be looking to provide a better buying experience for their customers so they could obtain repeat business. In addition, they were dishonest with their communication. They did not contact the supplier, although they lied and blamed their refusal to cancel or adjust the reservation on the supplier, and they never followed through with the email within 48 hours. All of their communication truly was BS. This is a company that anyone should be very leery of working with. Very unethical and I can assure you I will never make a reservation through them again.

Jul 11, 2018

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