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Viator: Go Los Angeles Card - Refund Request
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I have paid 389, 50 for 2 Go LA Cards (me and my wife); card numbers: [protected] and [protected].
Order Date: Jul 11, 2017, Itinerary Number: IT-[protected].
We visited Los Angeles in late August 2017.

Due to the problems described below, I am asking for a full refund of $ 389, 50.

1. Distances between the attractions we could visit are too long in LA. Moving between attractions often takes more than 1 hour. By the way, the Legoland attraction is in Carlsbad, approx. 91 miles from our hotel in LA.
2. The opening time is either 9:00 am or 10:00 am, closing times are often at 5:00 pm. In some cases, Viator applies time limitation, eg. selected attraction can not be accessed with Go LA Card after 5:00 pm. I did not know about these limitations before I bought the cards.
3. Some attractions are available only 2 times a day, eg at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, later no longer.
4. Visiting some attractions is subject to reservations.

From the above it follows that to visit more than one attraction a day is almost impossible, respectively. the attraction can not be visited due to time limitations by Viator.

TUESDAY Aug 29 2017
A visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, from which we expected the most, brought us a huge disappointment. We arrived there at 10:15 am. In my estimation, 80% (of all attractions there) are based on merchandising, 15% on entertainment and only 5% (!!!) on education. In fact, we only encountered a single "educational" attraction, and it was Special FX. We arrived at the entrance at 12:50 pm, with the beginning of the presentation at 1:00 pm. Unfortunately, we were not allowed because we were late... Even though we arrived 10 minutes before the presentation started! The reason was "we're already full". Next presentation should not be until 3:00 pm, which was too late for us because we wanted to see Whale Watching and Queen Mary in Long Beach. So we left Universal Studios Hollywood at 1:14 pm and set out for attractions in Long Beach.
We arrived at Queen Mary at 3:54 pm(!!!). We had a very quick view of the ship, trotting through Lady Diana's tour, and then hurrying to ShoreLine Aquatic Park for a whale trip. We arrived there shortly after 5:00 pm. Unfortunately, at the cash desk we were told that only two whale-watching trips are organized per day (at 10:00 am and at 3:00 pm, see 3.). So from this point of view we came too late. Besides, we did not have a reservation, so it would not do any good. Because this attraction is too far from Los Angeles, we did not want to waste time on long days traveling between LA and Long Beach. At the cash desk, we were offered a Harbor Cruise in the evening, which we embarrassed at last. Anyway, the trip did not make much sense, it was a huge waste of time. And the journey to our hotel in LA then lasted from 7:30 pm to 9:48 pm (!!!).

WEDNESDAY Aug 30 2017
In the evening, we wanted to visit OUE Skyspace LA. We arrived at 7:43 pm, but what was our surprise when they told us (at the box office) that we could visit OUE Skyspace LA (with the Go Los Angeles Card) only during the day, no later than 5 pm! By phone call to, I learned that this time limit was requested by, see 2. So, after several tens of minutes, we gave up an evening visit to the attraction. We decided to return next morning.

THURSDAY Aug 31 2017
Between 10:11 and 11:50, we visited OUE Skyspace LA. We originally wanted to visit this attraction the previous evening, but with Go LA Card it did not work, see above. The daily visit to OUE Skyspace LA did not make much sense because haze/smog has limited the visibility.
Then we moved to Hollywood, where I discovered that Hop-On Hop-Off Los Angeles Bus Tour is only available in Santa Monica (Yellow Route) within the Go LA Card. The trip to Santa Monica and back would take us a lot of time so we gave up and did not visit this attraction.

Later in the afternoon, we finally decided to try the Guided Movie Star Homes Tour departing at 5:00 pm. The tour should take about 2 hours; we left at 5:19 pm and returned at 6:58 pm. This attraction was clearly the worst we have ever tried!
a) The driver/guide tried to be funny, but he did not do it at all... he was more than embarrassing.
b) We all got wet and we were cold because of the rainfall since the bus had windows without glass.
c) Homes of Hollywood movie stars: we mostly saw only the entrance gate covered by green plants or just the roof of the house, or we could see some kind of dwelling in the distance. However, we did not see much due to heavy rain.
d) Even though we were suffering from rain and cold during the tour, the guide did not hesitate to ask us for a tip after returning back! This was indeed a GREAT TEMERITY!!!
e) As a consequence of this tour, we've got sick and had to heal during the following days of our vacation.


Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your patience whilst we have investigated your feedback regarding your Go Los Angeles Card booking.

We regret that to learn that your experience has been less than positive.

Upon review of your complaint, we have verified that all relevant information was provided on the brochure page prior to booking for review. We understand that most locations would only allow you to enter between a specific time period. Please note this information was notified on the brochure page. It stated:

Depending on the number of days you purchase, your card is then valid for unlimited use for one, two, three, five or seven days within a 14-day period and must be used between 9:00am and 5:30pm.

It is unfortunate that you were unable to enjoy your time at Universal Studios. As it is a theme park, it will be based more off of fun activities rather than education. Its official marketing headline is "The Entertainment Capital of LA". We would like to apologize if this not meet your expectations on being an educational location.

Please be advised that the information given on the brochure page regarding the hop on hop off bus did state the location and the validity of it. The page read under Tours as follows:

Malibu Celebrity Homes Tour or Hop-on Hop-off Yellow Route Tour departing Santa Monica (one per day)

We understand that the distances between most attractions do have a big of travel time. Unfortunately Los Angeles is quite a big city, therefore the attractions between most locations will require some travel. We understand the inconvenience this may play on ones vacation, however all attractions, tours, museums, etc. was listed on the brochure page prior to booking. Depending on your wished itinerary, at this point you could of mapped out the distances between where you desired to go to be aware of how long it would take to travel between each location prior to booking. Unfortunately as LA is such a large city and has many residents and travelers visiting, there tends to be traffic in which could delay ones travel time. Viator or the local operator have control of this nor are we responsible for this.

Unfortunately we are unable to grant a refund as per the terms and conditions this is 100% nonrefundable. Upon booking you do agree to this policy which means you understand all information that was readily available on the brochure page prior to booking.

We regret that you are unhappy with your experience, however the services were rendered in full and Viator did provide all necessary information prior to booking.

Viator and The Leisure Pass Group, do strive to achieve the highest standards in customer service and ensure all of our customers are happy with our service, therefore, please accept our sincerest apologies that we did not meet your expectations this time.

We wish you all the best and we hope we are able to be of service to you in the future.

Kindest regards,
Breeana C
Viator Customer Relations

P.S. I was not allowed to publish a review at, see attached screenshot.

P.P.S. PDF document:


Nov 22, 2017

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