VGMediSpa6 sessions of laser and 3 sessions of cellulite

My name is Marica I have purchased 6 sessions of lase hair removal and 3 sessions of cellulite I have done this booking 2 years ago and I paid £370 for all the sessions I only managed to have 2 of the cellulite and 1 hair removal session every time I am trying to book an appoint I am being told there is no space available or if I am being booked in. they call me 2 days before the session or even on the same day and they tell me the therapist didn't turn up or she left and they are short of stuff they can't do anything and that I would change my appointment or they will call me when they have someone available and now I have been waiting for a call back from them since February 2018. I have asked for my money back but I was told they are not doing refunds which is not fair really because they not they are not providing what I have paid for.

Would it be possible to have anything done about these guys can I have my money back

Dec 06, 2018

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