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Verizon Wireless / contract expiration

1 WI, United States Review updated:

I have been a Verizon customer since they purchased AllTel and an AllTel customer for many years before that. My husband and I find that we never use our minutes of our plan or come close to it. We received numerous phone calls from Verizon telling us that we were eligible for new phones AND that our contract was up, please stop in the local store and buy your new phones and let’s get you under contract again! I stopped in the store and the Verizon rep looked up my account and we had a long discussion about minutes that are not used and their own pre-paid plan AND his comment was that our contract was up so if we chose to go to another provider that I could find a better deal at this would not be a problem. We switched to Net 10 (which by the way is OWNED by Verizon!!) Today I called Verizon to get my final bill AND was told our contract was told that our contract is not up for another four months and for cancelling we would be charged FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for breaking our contract. After speaking to a supervisor she also told me too bad if the rep in the store made a mistake and the phone calls were misleading, your contract is not up for 4 more months and there is nothing we will do about it! She then told me that it CLEARLY shows our contract expiration date when I go on line to pay the Verizon bill. I have since searched the entire site AND my paper statements and NO WHERE does it ‘clearly show a contract expiration date’!! We will now be held hostage by Verizon and have to disconnect the pre-paid phones that now have our original Verizon cell numbers and have them ported back to Verizon and keep that HORRIBLE service for four more months. I believe that all companies of this nature who have dumb representatives that tell the customers anything they please even if it is the wrong information, they are NOT held accountable, should have to clearly show the contract expiration date on not only the paper statement that they send but also on the web site where you manage your account!

I can tell you all this; I will bad mouth Verizon to everyone and anyone that will listen AND will never, ever use their service again once our contract is up!

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  • Sh
      14th of Sep, 2010
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    Once upon a time I too had Verizon. The contract was up and I just went month to month. What I didn't know at the time, was if you got a new phone, it would extend your contract for another 2years.

    My daughter who was on our plan, with her birthday money, decided to buy a new phone. The rep from the Verizon store called and asked if it was alright for her to buy a phone since she was on our account. At no time did she state that it would extend our contract another 2 years.

    Image my surprise to find out on the next bill that 2 of the lines were off contract but one line had a contract on it for 2 years. Never again. I've got prepaid.

  • Cr
      14th of Sep, 2010
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    The my verizon website and the automated system both give the contract end dates. The 4 month early date is the upgrade date. I saw this post and looked at my online account and it does have the date. It is not on your bill because of your privacy.

  • Ma
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    It clearly states your contract end date on Verizons site when you log into MyVerizon and like others have said they give upgrade 4 months early so thats why they were calling you and you may have made the rep think that you depending on your choice of words when talking to him so to blame him solely isn't entirely fair when you misinformed the rep. Verizon gives you the tools to be fully informed on your account if you fail to utilize them its not Verizons fault.

  • An
      16th of Jul, 2012
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    I too just ran into this situation. I checked my online account several times and I'll admit the date the jumped out at me was my Upgrade eligibility date. We took that to be our end of contract date and based our change of provider on it. I'm now looking at a $300.00 early termination fee and was just told the "4 Month early date" as well. I'll admit that if I went digging for the specific words End of Contract I very well may have found the correct date. It's my fault for assuming that the upgrade date and the end of contract date were the same. I also had in store reps telling me that my contract had ended and they were very interested in getting me back under contract. I guess that the only thing we should assume is that nothing we hear or see is the truth and no matter what, companies like this will get extra money from you one way or another. The people who commented on this complaint are right, it was our fault for not knowing we were being mislead. Shame on us.

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