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First, let me say that I have been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for something like 12 years now.

I noticed that mine and my wife's plan went from around $140 per month to around $180/month in Nov and Dec 2014. On January 2nd, I called and talked with man at Verizon who told me that for some reason our two phone lines were changed from a combined plan to separate plans--that is why the cost increase. He could not tell my why or who made that change but he would only add a $25 credit back to our account and said he was putting us on a combined plan for $140/month with 10 gigs data. Great! I wanted more credit back but oh well...

Then, I get a text around 2 weeks later that says my upcoming Verizon bill is over $1100. WHAT!!!???? I immediately call and get a nice woman at Verizon who tells me that the previous gentleman that I called put me on an 80 gig plan that costs over $1000/month. She was very sorry and after something like an hour with her on the phone she said: a) the previous gentlemen who put me on that plan would get talked to by management, b) she would put me on that $140/month 10 gig plan, c)she would submit a request for the $1000+ credit to my account that would take 3-4 days to be approved.

Next, I checked my account balance over the next two weeks and called a couple of times and each time was told that the request would definitely go through but hadn't yet.

Then, I went to a corporate Verizon Store ( a one hour drive since I live in rural Montana) because I thought that a face-to-face conversation might help. I was told the same thing. The request for credit/refund was in and would be approved soon. I should be patient. It was their fault but it was a large amount so takes time.

Finally, I just got a text message showing a credit had come through. Only it was not for $1000+ that I was charged for Verizon's mistake. It was for a measly $125...and my bill due is still over $1000. What should I think is going on?? I have a huge outrageous bill due to a mistake by Verizon putting me on a 80 gig plan when I use around 4.5 gigs/month and they refund me 1/10th of their mistake? Is this how loyal customers of 12 years are treated? Am I going to have to switch to Straight Talk? If I wanted bad/non-existent customer service I would already be with Straight Talk.

Does anyone know who I can talk to to resolve this? I have not gotten anywhere yet and am getting towards the end of my rope. Is there some kind of federal or state authority that can help me with this? I really don't want to have to get a lawyer to resolve this. Please help

Jan 31, 2015
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  • Bh
      31st of Jan, 2015

    Call and ask to speak to a billing supervisor and make sure you get their name and ID number. And then ask to speak to THEIR supervisor if they don't give you a satisfactory answer, again making sure you document EVERYTHING...everyone you talk to the time, date, etc. Every call is recorded "for quality assurance" in reality its to provide them with proof should you say you didn't agree to something. there should be a record in your acct of who put you on that plan, and they should be able to pull the phone record as proof. At least that is the route i would go.

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