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My wife and I have been customer's with Verizon for many years. We have a joint service account with two separate phones and lines. Very recently and one year into the service contract (2 year contract), my employer offered me a phone for work that I could also use for personal use. The phone was through a different company (the new Palm Pre via Sprint, which is awesom bye the way). Couldn't turn it down. Because I didn't want to get hit with their ridiculous early cancellation fee (up to $175), I decided to give the phone to my son and we would honor the two year contract. I ported my current mobile number to my new phone with Sprint so that all my clients, friends, etc could still get a hold of me. I then went to the local Verizon at Hill Road in Ventura to have them activate a new phone number on the existing phone for my son. I asked several times whether there would be ANY fees and the sales person (Jerry) said no...only a $9.99 month by month charge and any cancellation fee would only apply if my wife cancelled the joint contract account all together. A few days later we recieved a bill in the mail, which included a $140 early cancellation fee. Of course, I went down to the local store on Hill Road and after waiting (they make you take a number) for 45 minutes, explained the situation calmly and they proceeded to give me the run around. I was of course upset and made it clear that I was not happy. The manager asked me to leave the store, so I left. This is the absolute worst company that I have ever dealt with...what happened to "the customer is always right"? If you are smart, you will have done some investigation and read this. Find a company that is customer friendly, even if you have to pay a little more. We will not pay the $140 and could possibly hurt our credit...but oh well - don't reward bad behavior. It's not even the money. It's the fact that they lied and even if they thought it was an honest misunderstanding, they need to work on retaining existing customers and not just signing up new suckers. By the way, if any of you idiots at Verizon want to take a postive step in the right direction, my cell phone (with Sprint) is [protected].


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      Oct 17, 2009

    I am among the thousands of unhappy Verizon Wireless customers. Recieved a Blackberry Storm by mail. Activated by an in store representative, only to later find out that I was being billed for a Data Plan subscription that I was not informed of beforehand, and that I did not accept. Attempted to return the phone numerous times, and have dealt with Customer Care a half a dozen times. Its been 8 months.

    Finally I discovered how to reach the Executive Relations team at Verizon Wireless. They are the only ones who can help resolve your problem, short of having an attorney contact them. BTW, I subscribe to Pre-Paid Legal for $35 a month, and their attorneys at no additional charge, will contact Verizon Wireless. Find me on .

    Share your experiences online and then email me at verizon.[protected] . I will forward you important contact information to reach the real decision makers at Verizon Wireless, the Executive Relations team.

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