Verizon Wireless / unable to keep existing unlimited plan to avail of phone upgrade pricing

San Jose, CA, United States

We have been with verizon wireless for years on an unlimited data plan. We passed up on eligible upgrades since we thought our phones were still ok. This year, we decided to finally upgrade our old phones. Unfortunately, verizon will not honor our upgrade eligibility if we won't give up our unlimited data plan, meaning we have to pay full price for our new phones or dwitch to a limited or tierred data plan. Before this incident, they have been calling us to downgrade saying that we would save a lot of money since we use minimal data between our phones. We told them that we would like to keep our plan despite them saving and gaining from us. I find it poor business for such a large company to not honor our current plan and force us to change it to what they like or pay full price ... like we were not long time customers. They talk about valuing our business...but they are doing the exact opposite. If not for my husband, I'd go somewhere else. It is just a matter of time before I will leave verizon.

Jan 13, 2015

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