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Verizon Wireless / new monthly data fee

1 Springfield, VA, United States Review updated:

Knew phone I wanted; visited store to switch from AT&T. As of 1/18/10 Verizon GOUGES CUSTOMERS to add monthly $10 data fee for middle of road cell phones. I do not need data service as I have a blackberry from work & never access the internet anyway. My first & last trip to the Verizon Wireless store encountered employees who didn't listen, had to be prompted to get to the next step (even to look at phones). Employees were less than professional; one customer service rep blamed sales rep (to me, the customer) when a mistake was made. I told them they'd have a sale if someone in authority could waive the data fee that I do not need. Employee acted helpless (said "computer" was programmed to do it). Manager simply shrugged shoulders & blamed corporate. Horrible policy; poor service. Verizon lost a customer due to this ridiculous policy & money grab. And I'm telling everyone unless something's done about it.

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  • Cs
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    This is an ongoing problem. I found a blogger who is writing about his expereience with this issue - to the point of contacting the BBB. Visit the following link:

  • Tb
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    well were glad your not a customer. as far as the data plan it cant be waive for one single person what r u special. you want special treatment.thats not gonna happen. or you could just get a basic phone if you want to complain

  • Ha
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    What are you five?

    Im gonna run and tell everyone that Verizon was mean and wouldn't give me what i wanted, jesus your whole rant makes you sound like one big child and yet you wanted to be taken seriously i can just picture you crying and throwing a tantrum in the store for not getting your way. Little advice to you, you can't always get what you want and you need to eventually grow up and realize you're not the center of attention and just cause you don't get your way doesn't mean you should lower your mental stage to child like capacity.

  • Yo
      27th of May, 2010
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    Wow, I think its great that we have Verizon employees that do show their true colors on here. They don't care on the phone, and they act like they are god when it comes to your bill, and when they screw up and you catch them, they still don't want to fix it. I have switched service providers due to the lack of customer respect, and the lies that they tell you on the phone. Why is it that this is the only company that forces you to have a data package on a multimedia CAPABLE phone? AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, they all allow you to pick your phone and options. This is why corporate giants that think they have an edge on the market need to be taught a lesson. And as far as acting like a child, ball is in their court. The customer service reps act as if they have to take it out of their check to do a credit. I highly doubt that it is in anyway going to affect you, so man up to the mistake, and do the credit. Or go run and play in your sandbox.

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