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Verizon Wireless online gives the option of transferring phone upgrade to another line on your plan. It would make sense that by doing that, that line would also renew their contract for two years. However, this is not true. The line that transfers their upgrade not only doesn't get a new phone, their contract is renewed for two years! The line that just got a new phone is still eligible for an upgrade when they are due and their contract has not been renewed. DECEIVING.

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  • Ma
      Apr 06, 2009
    Verizon Wireless Internet - Slooow connect speeds
    Verizon Wireless
    United States

    I'm writing in respect to Verizon's Wireless Broadband Internet service. I live in Ohio and subscribed to the service in November of 2008 and for the first few months the service was exemplary. But roughly one month ago, the speed of this service dropped to a rate that is basically unusable. When I and a couple of others, who work off the same tower, started having the same trouble. I contacted Verizon's technical service for the first time on March 20th, and submitted a trouble report. Since that time I have called 3 more times and to be honest, these calls were a complete waste of time. They refuse to submit a trouble report and only seem interested in giving me a series of stock answers to my inquiries. I will go into detail about this procedure in the following paragraphs.

    They start by telling me they were aware of problems in my area and that they are working diligently to resolve it. I do think at this point you're expected to express your satisfaction with what you have been told, thank them and hang up. If, by chance, you don't do the expected and insist on some specific answers about your lack of service, you're sure to be in for a disappointment. That is if your experiences were anything like mine. By this point in the conversation, it seems I had unknowingly tripped some sort of an evasive answer switch. Since it has become apparent that the answers I'm receiving are of a generic nature and not really directly related to my individual situation. By this I mean, if I ask Question A...the representative automatically gives me predetermined...Answer B. If I continue on with Question C...they come back with stock...Answer D. No matter how I tried to phrase my questions or statements, I just couldn't get a definitive reply as to when and how my service would be restored. Call me naive, but I find it incredibly strange that they are unable to supply me with any specific information on what it is that they're so diligently working on. I can't help but think, if they were truly working to make the needed repairs, they should be more than happy to keep me informed of the progress being made. Their complete lack of candor only highlights the impression one gets. And that is, that they're really not working to alleviate your service problem, but are working overtime to avoid telling you this. If what I had been told so far wasn't enough to convince me of their lack of sincerity, in my mind, what I'm told next confirms it.

    As I continued to express doubt about the open-ended answers I was getting. A new tact was tried and I was told I was in an area of marginal coverage. An answer I was skeptical of, considering the fact I can see the Verizon tower I work off of. And it's only around a mile from my house. So if having line -of-sight service can still be considered marginal, I can't conceive of anything they won't be able to consider marginal when it suits them. But the truly astonishing thing was the last thing they told me. They said they would allow me to cancel my Internet service and they would impose No Penalty fee for Early Termination. While at first blush that may seem quite generous of them, in my case, there are a couple of problems with this solution.
    Problem #1 - I don't want to cancel my service, I just want it restored to what it was when they sold it to me. Problem # 2 - Since I canceled my dialup Internet service and the phone line after I got the Verizon Wireless Broadband. I'd like to know what they propose to do about the additional expenses I will now incur, if I'm forced to cancel my Verizon service due to their failure to provide adequate service? I"m speaking of the costs associated with paying for the installation of a new Internet service and the required Telephone Land Line.

    I feel I've honored my part of the contract I entered into with Verizon. My obligation was was to pay my bill, which I have done religiously. Verizon's part was to provide me with good service, which they did for awhile, but now seem to be trying to get out of doing. As long as things were working well and required no effort on their part, they were quite content to accept my money. Now that providing the CONTRACTED service requires some effort on their part, they've basically told me to take a hike.

    So, unfortunately, it's come down to the point where they have left me with no other option, but to file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. I do believe a lot of this could have been avoided if Wireless companies were regulated as traditional phone companies are.

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  • Gd
      Mar 10, 2010
    Verizon Wireless Internet - Early Termination Fee
    Verizon Wireless
    United States

    I signed up for Verizon Wireless Internet and was not pleased with the speed. I called to cancel the service, within their thirty day "worry free guarantee" and I returned the USB modem to them. My credit card was credited for the initial cost of the modem.

    When I received my bill there was an early termination fee added to the activation fee and the one month of service that I used and I owed them.

    I contacted Verizon and was told that I would have to pay the bill and then I would receive a refund check for the amount of the early termination fee. I told the rep that this was not acceptable and to simply send me a bill for the activation fee and one month service. I was told that this was not their policy. I told the rep they were not going to hold my money hostage when I did not owe the fee.

    Long story short - I didn't pay the bill and now they turned it over to a collection office which wants to "do me a favor" and "settle" for $250 which is around $150 more than I owe. I told them no & told the collector I have a copy of my contract, a copy of the "worry free guarantee" and copies of my credit card statement showing the date I ordered the equipment and the date the equipment was credited back to my credit card which shows they received the equipment within their own thirty day guarantee.

    I will NEVER do business with this company again.

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  • As
      Apr 21, 2011

    I've been considering purchasing a new iPhone through Verizon (I'm a current customer) and I have no interest in paying $600 for a cell phone, even if it is an iPhone. The transfer of the upgrades, or so I've heard, can be a bit confusing, but I think this board post may clear things up a bit, or at least give people a heads up on what they're getting themselves into when considering the upgrade transfer. I hope this can help someone, it was pretty helpful for me.

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