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Verizon Wireless (Indirect) / lying, trash

1 8840 Highway 6 Suite 110Missouri City, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 281-778-3966

Worst example of trash I have ever experienced. I went in to purchase a Droid incredible phone. The attendant (Sam) told me they were out and I could buy an Eris now and he would replace it with the Incredible when it came in in a few days. I went along not thinking to much about it. A few days later my son went in and made the same deal. In a few days I checked back. Sam told me the phones have not come in yet. After several phone calls and visits and Six Months, Sam tells me the the store is no longer going to carry the Droid. I was very close to removing his head at this time. I contacted Verizon and after a lot of hassle and time on the phone and being told there was nothing they could do, I finally got ahold of someone who made a phone call to the inirect dealer to check out my story. She set up a conference call with me and the manager (Amir) of the store. All of a sudden things changed, they had the Incredibles in stock and all I had to do was come in and exchange the phones. The first phone went fairly easy. The second belonging to my Son, was brought in about a month later. He had been away at school. This incredibly arrogant piece of trash Sam told us he could not exchange the phone because it had a barely visible scratch on the corner. Sam doesn't know how close he came to getting his skinny little ### ripped over the counter and tought a lesson on how we do things in America. Any how after a lot of hassle from this worthless ### he gave up the phone. I am sure that he has pulled this same thing on other customers because he kept a little book that he put my name and my sons in. There were many pages of names. I am also sure that the manager Amir was in on the whole thing although he claims he new nothing about it. If anyone else out there runs across this and has been ripped off by this store, please contact me. I would love to be part of ridding this trash from our neighborhood.

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