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Verizon pulled my credit report without my permission and a week later, opened a cell phone account in my name. I have never had a Verizon account!! Low and behold, 6 months later it shows up on my credit report as in collections, really? What kind of people do you have working for you Verizon? After reading all these post, obviously they do not have background checks on their employees. Beware

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  • Ju
      21st of Dec, 2010

    I need to make a complains against Verizon Wireless in McAllen, Tx 78502. On July 12, 2010 five months ago this sixteen year old girl brenda Calerdon took it upon herself and walks in saying she wanted a palm cell phone with texting, internet, photos, games, and the works. She said she knew me; I was in college at the time. order location(15184 01 #514856 pmt 1 of 1 order type p3. The sales person didn't bother to ask her for an ID or any money down. Instead she walked out with it. I didn't find out with Verizon until August that I got a huge bills with 3 phones # I went in person to the verizon store an ask why do I have 3 numbers they said that there was a phone added on my line and that co-workers do not know who help the 16 year old. I told them to disconnected that particular line that was added on my bill. The manager could not do that for me to look for her and get the phone back and returned it to the store. Now, who give the co-workers the right to get a phone and added to my account without my authoritarian with no knowledge of who she was and stucked to my bill and ruin my account. I keep getting calls harssing me everyday to pay the full amount.

    On August 18th I called the verizon store to terminated her phone line (956) 483-9572. I got a called from Verizon store in Harlingen, Texas 78550 asking my perimisson if she could change the number without me knowing. I told melissa the person I spoke to for her to take the phone away from brenda and she said she could not do that. I told her that I do not want for her to keep the phone and to paid for her bill for using my services. Until now, I am not getting no where I want to sue Verizon Wireless for $ 5, 000.00
    for abusing my account and charging a outraged bills of $ 1052.46 and ruin my name

    I also called the fruad dept. and Yvette whose work as
    investigator at the fraud dept could not help me with my problems. I went to the McAllen Police Department and filed a police reports the investigator was not very helpful.

    Here is Brenda Calderon date of birth 1/27/1994 her SS# 634-42-2515
    I need for you all to respond to my email as soon as possible. Please have fraud department contact me by email at [protected]

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  • Cm
      21st of Dec, 2010

    Heres some info on Verizon:

    it lists phone numbers and email addresses of people up to the VP of the company

    Good luck.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Jan, 2013

    It just happened to me last week. I don't use Verizon and 5 wireless lines were opened with my name and SS. Incredible!

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  • Ha
      6th of Mar, 2015

    Wow, I can see verizon has a problem with identity theft. I am another victim I just found out about it last night when recieved this letter from this mediocre verizon company with balance past due over $1, 000 when I never had anything to do with this company or any account and I tell you what I did today Walked in to one of their store verizon wireless and I told them that I was very interested in open an account with them but I didn't have any picture ID or social security card and guess what their answer was " as long as you know your social security number you are good" WOW!!! THEY HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR REQUIREMENTS/ POLICY OR EMPLOYEES. ARE THEY DESPERATE TO MAKE MONEY OR RUIN HARD WORKING PEOPLE LIVES. PLEASE WHO EVER IS THE CEO of this company make sure you take care of the good people and fix your company, Now I have to deal with all this because of mediocre and incompetent emplyees and company. PLEASE HELP!!!

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