Verizon Wirelessdeceptive trade and sales practices, abuse of a person 65 years or older.

We went to the verizon store on archer rd gainesville on black friday to check out their ads for cell plans that we saw on tv. Spoke to salesman nick. Told nick we had consumer cellular but werent getting enough data. Told him we have 4 lines and two phones were fairly new i phone 6 s plus models. One older i 5 and a lg stylo 2. Explained to him we owed $400 each of the 6 s plus phones, one is a 64 gb and the other 128 gb, to consumer cellular. Asked about getting the 4 lines for $160 a month and 20 gb data. Also i inquired about a mifi box that verizon sells for internet and explained we had att which was not doing the job. He advised not to port that mifi number but use a temporary number in case the box didnt work out and said to try it. I was never advised that it would suck up data like a sponge. I was also never advised that we could use any of our good phones for others in the family as is stated on line. My phone (Stylos) and and my daughters i phone 5 were the only two that really needed upgrading. I could have taken my sons i phone 6s plus 128 gb and she could have used the i phone 6s plus 64 gb as they were not that old. As i said, that option was never explained to us. I also told nick we were spending in the range of $225 a month for consumer cellular and wanted to stay in that range. He also stated that we would get big credits for the i phones if we traded them that would show up on three bills and some for the i phone 5 and stylos. Also he told us we would be eligible for the visa card rebate of $200 for 4 phones, totaling $800, that would pay for the money we owed consumer cellular for the two i phones. I asked about the monthly credits on her account and all i heard was three billing cycles. On that friday, what we got was a i phone 7 plus 32 gb for my daughter, and i phone 7 plus 128 gb for my son and a samsung galaxy for me. My wifes i phone 7 plus 32 gb had to be ordered. The entire transaction was like being in a wind tunnel. Everything was run past me so fast i never really got to understand what was going on. Nick indicated we needed glass screen protectors and cases. I asked about getting them somewhere else for a lesser amount. We were not given the exact cost of those items but i felt we could get them cheaper on the internet. His position was that we were there and it would be better to have the protection on them immediately. Little did i know the cases were like $50 each and the screen protectors were $40 a piece. Also he suggested a protection plan of $11 per month to cover damage to the phones. I used to pay $5 a month to consumer cellular for that. At no time did nick tell us that anything we purchased that day would be returnable until 1/15/17. And he didnt tell us that there would be a restocking fee of $35 if we brought back any electronic device. I paid him $197 for taxes on three phones and my wife paid $46 tax for the i phone that was ordered. The cases and screen protectors were added to the account. Three of our numbers were ported that day. The four was ported when we went back about a week later, 12/2/16, and my wife had to bring proof of her governmental employment for a discount on our service, etc. I hooked up the mifi to my computer when i got home. Within 2 days is sucked up 16 gb of date and we got an email notice. I thought we had 20 gb, but that was not the case. Nick upgraded my plan in order to have more data. I disconnected that box and took it back on 12/2. I asked if we get credited back the lost 16 gb and was told no. I also incurred a $35 restocking fee. Nick advised me that was the rules and he could not remove that charge. I was charged $40.88 and $43.72 that day for charges i do not recall. However, a credit to my debit card in the amount of $17.99 appeared later dated 12/2. Additionally, i was not satisfied with the samsung phone as it was smaller than the stylo i traded in. I was going to exchange it for an i phone 6 s plus, but he suggested a 7 plus as it was only $5 a month more. I turned back the samsung galaxy, with its case and screen protector and the box it came in, paid the tax on the new phone and got charged for the new i phone case and screen protector. Not too long after i got a bill from verizon for approx $700 of which $340 was a one time fee. I went back to the store days later and spoke with mike one of the managers. I explained to him my frustration and confusion with the entire transaction at verizon. I told him i looked on line at those deals and found some things to be totally different than what was offered in store. Told him about seeing almost 4000 complaints in the internet about the same or similar nature as the experience i encountered purchasing in store. Mike told me he would look at all my transactions and get back to me. He never called me back. I waited a few days, called the store spoke to another manager named massar. He told me that mike was on vacation the entire week and would be back on monday, 12/19. I went to the newberry rd store and spoke to a manger named travis. I explained i had spoken with mike at the archer rd store and he was supposed to get back to me but was on vacation.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gainesville, FL Travis printed out some paperwork on my transactions, called the archer rd store and check a few things. He told me to get in contact with mike when he came back on 12/19. On 12/19 prior to going to meet mike i called verizon customer service and spoke to ms sierra #35228. I spent one hour on the phone with her giving her a detailed account of my experience and transactions with verizon on archer road and all that i have done to try to get this mess straightened out, and i wanted to stay with verizon. I told her i was to meet mike at 1 pm, she advised me to do that and see what he could do and she would call me back later that day. I spoke with mike and arranged to meet him at the archer rd store at 1 pm. We showed up, signed in with the greeter and asked to see mike as i had an appointment. He never showed nor did anyone advise us otherwise. We left the store at 1:45 pm, mike didnt call me back. Sierra never called me back. Again, i called customer service at verizon trying to get sierra. I was told she was not available and spoke to a man named tim #1010387. I spent another hour explaining to him the same as i had explained to sierra. He advised me he would would review all the notes and transactions and call me back, either later that day or the following day. No call back from tim. On 12/22 i called your customer service again, speaking to ms katie #142237. I explained the situation to her briefly and that i wanted her to get tim to call me. She said she would sent him an email to do that. Guess what? I never got a call from him. On 12/23 i called customer service again and got carlie murray. I explained to her all the non recalls by customer service and that i was done with verizon wireless, was getting another carrier and wanted to return all the screen protectors and cases, and asked her to file for me the 4 visa cards of $200 each that i was due for porting the lines and trading in my old phones. She asked me to scan all paperwork and send them to her email which i did. The next day i get 4 emails from verizon stating we would not get those rebates as we no longer had service with them. On 12/26 again i called customer service this time speaking with a supervisor named cindy #8318054. She looked that the notes in my file told me that carlie was handling the entire issue and she would be getting back to me. I explained to cindy that before this mess morphs into a collection by verizon, or a civil case, i was more than willing to work something out in an amicable manner, even taking back veriizon service if all of the ridiculous fees were removed and the phone issues were resolved. We didnt need to have 4 i phone 7 plus phones. There were many things not told to us at the store which i later saw on line, and the plan we went into the store for initially was not what we asked for. Yesterday on 12/18, i got a bill from verizon totaling $3700. That email was sent to carlie murray in order that she could see where we were at. Verizon has my phones. I checked with a local store in gainesville called re-tech. The value of my 6s plus 64 gb is $600, the 6s plus 128 gb is $620, the i 5 phone is $220, and the lg stylo is $150 for a grand total of $1590. Verizon said they would send in the mail a call tag for the 4 cases and screen protectors to send back for a credit to my bill. I was also advised the 4- 7 plus phones are now mine. I still have till 1/14/17 to return them but at a cost to me of $140. My internet research indicates almost 4000 complaints by unsatisfied consumers that are either the same or of a similar nature as my issues with you. On line verizon also has offers, etc that are not the same as the store and where never explained to us, especially the use of our good i phones to use as a trade in for any members of my family. I printed all of the information off the web site. To say the least i am furious over the way your store does business. What i consider to be deceptive sales practices, price gouging on the screen protectors, twice the cost of anyother store in town, the cost of the cases which was half the cost on the internet, the hidden restocking fees (Some i got taken off the bill), no return calls from customer service (Cindy did state i got a call on 12/23 but didnt answer). My question to her was, then why was a message not left? I am also a man of 66, disabled and retired who suffered a minor stroke a year ago. I didnt expect to be fleeced by a company the size of verizon or for that matter, any other business. The company i purchased new service with is on a monthly basis, clearly explained and spelled out and i dont have to hire an atty to read all the fine print. We must come to some resolution soon. If i get no response to my situation and it goes to collection it will be a no win situation. I should not have to wait three billing cycles for all the credits to come back to me. That is absolutely ludicrous. I am also entitled to the $800 in visa cards as promised.

Marvin h rippner
548 nw 233 terrace
Newberry, fl 32669

*this letter was sent to corporate 10 days ago, no response, what else is new?

Jan 10, 2017

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