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Verizon Wireless / scam and cheating

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I had a company cell phone from T-mobile and my wife had her personal phone from Verizon with a $29.99 300 minute/month plan that Verizon no longer offered. I left my job and had to turn in my T-mobile phone. I decided to get a Verizon phone for the free mobile-to-mobile calls. I went to Costco in Laguna Niguel, CA.

I was going to sign up for an individual phone for the 450 minute $39.99/month plan. The sales person suggested we get the 700 minute per month family plan for $69.99. I explained that we did not want a new contract on my wife's phone. The sales person explained that only the new phone would have a contract.

About 6 months later, I was again working for a company that provided a cell phone. We called Verizon to cancel my wife's older phone. They said that we would have to pay a $175.00 penalty to cancel the contract. I told them there was not a contract. They sent us a copy of the contract in the mail. We discovered that the sales clerk had forged my wife's signature to a new contract.

We immediately called Verizon customer service and faxed them a copy of the contract and a copy of my wife's driver's license to show her signature. It was blantantly obvious that the signature on the contract did not belong to my wife. The Verizon customer service called us back and told us that they are not handwriting experts and we are still under contract.

I told the service rep that I would be filing criminal charges of consumer fraud against Verizon. He transferred me to his supervisor. I explained the situation to the supervisor. The supervisor said there was nothing he could do, either. So I asked to speak to his supervisor. After getting passed around to two more people, I told the final person that I will not be talking to any more people at Verizon and my next call is to file a criminal complaint. We reached a compromise and cut the contract term in half.

Unfortunately, my newer phone is still under contract. Rest assured that once that contract is over, I will no longer be a Verizon Wireless customer.

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  • Va
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    My contract with Verizon will be ending next month. This will also be the time when I will qualify for the 'new every two' free phone upgrade offer. However, I received an email from Verizon Wireless announcing that I have 'earned a new phone.' The expiration on this offer is one week before I qualify for the 'new every two' phone. The offer looks like it is the 'new every two' phone with one exception. I have to pay $99 for the same phone that will be free in one month. For some reason, Verizon Wireless thinks I am stupid enough to fall for their scam to buy a phone one week before I qualify for a free phone.

    In the end, it really doesn't matter. I will be changing carriers after the contract is up due to another problem I had with Verizon. The sales clerk at Costco had forged my wife's signature on a new contract for a phone she had for years. I am sure it was to earn a commission. He probably thought we would never find out. The unfortunate thing is that Verizon refused to do anything about it.

  • Va
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    If you are looking to get a job at Verizon Wireless, think twice. Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Do you have a college degree?

    2. Do you have supervisor experience at a gas station, McDonalds, or a high school refreshment stand?

    If you answered yes to the first question, get a job at a place that will appreciate your talent, hard work, and dedication to education. Go with a company that rewards and appreciates your college coursework. The great part about Verizon Wireless is that they do not care about your college education. It will get you nowhere within the company as everyone is promoted within and having experience at McDonalds will get you further than any college classes will.

    If you answered yes to the second question then Verizon Wireless is definitely for you. Here's a great example of how Verizon promotes and how it will benefit you. If I had, lets say, 8 years of college and a degree and I was with the company for 3 years, and you have the same time with the company and 1 year of supervisor experience with your local gas station managing 2 employees including yourself, instead of a college degree, guess who gets the job interview for a supervisor position, and guess who doesn't meet the minimum requirements? That's right, you guessed it, the person with the college degree is looked over because they wasted their time getting a college degree, and the person with all their extensive experience at their local gas station wins! Wow, Verizon Wireless really knows how to retain their talent! What a great place to work! Why would Verizon Wireless want a person that can communicate better orally and in written form, which means nothing, right? Who cares if someone has taken leadership courses and understands the functions of management, it's nothing the school of hard knocks hasn't taught us with all our extensive experience in the world of fast food and gas station management. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to put down people at fast food or gas stations, but if that means more to a company than going to college, then we are steering the youth of America in the wrong direction. Screw college, get yourself some experience at the local ice cream parlor, college is useless! This is not a joke and although I am being very sarcastic, this is very much the truth. This IS HOW VERIZON WIRELESS conducts business.

    I am an employee and I would consider myself one of the best employees they have and I have the stats to prove it. I am giving anyone with any college credentials fair warning, don't waste your time at this company, you will find that you will not be rewarded for any coursework taken. If you don't have any college, then this is a great place to start and I truly mean that. Just make sure you get your 1 or 2 years of hard knock experience as it will serve you well!

  • Va
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I signed a 2 yr contract under the agreement that I would have a 30day trial of the phone and its services. I traded in my phone for the new oyager. Its now day 2 and after deciding that all of the functions I would like adding to my phone worked out too costly for me, I returned the phone only to find that they would not give MY one back. They said it was company policy to keep the phones as they were sold to another company each night. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT!

    Now I have their phone and a contract I do not want. I feel as though I am being forced into their contract! They literally stole my phone from me. The manager told me in giving them my phone I was saying "I don't want it" that couldn't be more further from the truth. I only gave it as a condition of my satisfaction from the company. He was very rude and not willing to even help or to come to some compromise to make me happy. I am still under trial but less my own phone which was 500.

  • Er
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I work for McDonalds and the training they provide there is just as useful as a college degree. Not to mention that McDonalds pays and treats its management very well and they are coming around in the field of treating their crew members just as well. Just because you have a college degree does not automatically ensure your advancement at any company. Ask YOURSELF this, Did I do my job to the best of my abilities OR did I just get mad and slack off because someone without a college degree showed a bit more initiative?

  • Sc
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    You mentioned your wife had an older plan, but that doesn't mean she wasn't in contract.

    The rep was correct, if you add a line of service, it does not extend the contract on the existing line.

  • Sc
      20th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have no idea what you are talking about here...we do not keep customers phones for no reason. If you initially purchase a phone, you can bring it back once in thirty days, now with a 35 dollar restocking fee. But once you do that, you are refunded for what you paid for the original phone and that amount is applied to a new phone, as if we are doing this all over from the start. It's called an exchange.

  • Jo
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I am also having trouble with Verizon wireless services. The other day i was checking my phone bill to see how much it was and it said that I was 38 text messages over than my limit, so I decided not to text for the last week of the month. The following 2 days I checked again and my bill is saying that I am at 69 text messages over? Hmmm, I called the Verizon wireless customer help system and they said that I had texted more than that, I told them I havnt texted anyone, I have been calling NOT texting, rest assure the next day I was 99 text messages over, oh by the way the customer service didnt help me they told me that I was only over my limit and have a great day, what a bunch of B/S! What is the deal about having unlimited texting? You dont have unlimited texting you have a certain amount 500 texts!

    Today (12/02/2008), I checked my billing and it says that my bill was not paid for last month, I payed it on the first week November! Now I am over 118 text messages? WTF! I havnt been texting, I dont know whats going on! After my contract is done with Verizon wireless, I am going over to Sprint!

  • Dl
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    Mine was free and it wasnt a phone that was under 50 dollars. It was 400

  • Su
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I had recently received a phone call from Verizon before I went to work. They told me due to their policy changing, that I was eligible for a new cell phone. I had the LG Voyager, but I upgraded to the Samsung Rogue, and I must say, the shipping was amazing! I ordered it before 4:30 on Tuesday, and received it at 1pm the next day, Wed.! I was VERY impressed with their fast shipping, the curtosy of the call, and the VERY cheap price of 29.00 added to my bill the following month! They were very kind over the phone, and they gave me over 200 off the phone, 150 for the rebate, and an additional 50 dollars off because I have been a customer for 8 years! I LOVE Verizon wireless, they're plans are slightly expensive, but it's worth it, I have service EVERYWHERE! My friends don't have service in my basement apartment, and I require it since it's my place of residence. I am always very happy with Verizon, they're always incredibly nice to talk to, very reasonable when I need to order a new phone, or replace the one I currently have due to problems (dropped it, stolen, or broken for any reason) for NO charge! I'm a very happy Verizon customer, of over 8 years, and I will never change cellphone providers! Many props to Verizon for just being the best cell phone providers out there! Keep it up!

  • Ba
      25th of Jan, 2010
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    I ordered a global wireless USB card to use on my laptop and stupidly relied on what the Verizon rep had $129.99/m charges I expected (and reviewed with them based upon my prior usage of my domestic card and with the check how much you are using feature I was told about). Instead, 3 days into my trip to Europe, Verizon called (the U.S. of course...I spent HUNDREDS of dollars in phone calls back to them to sort it out) and they advised I was already over $900 OVER the monthly fees! In just 3 days. Well after about 5 hours in calls NOTHING was sorted out and they insist it was legitimate. No one seems to care that I was told something completely contrary and that the feature to check usage would not even work in Europe. Talk about a SCAM!!! This was the biggest rip off and scam and anyone thinking of getting a Verizon global wireless card STOP and DO NOT GET IT from Verizon!! I was RIPPED OFF and am PISSED off that they just don't care. Their reps all told me the wrong information and I am stuck paying an outrageous bill for their mistakes. THEY SUCK!!! DO NOT TRUST VERIZON. DO NOT TRUST VERIZON.

  • Vz
      5th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Verizon wireless has a way of manipulating whatever conversation you have with them and turning it agaainst you (the customer) Join our fight again VZ W Sign our petition! Thanks

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