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Chat Subject:FiOS Television (Remote Control) Your Question:I would like to setup the remote to control my NAD audio receiver- is that possible? The code number 250 doesn't work. A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. Agent Sarah has joined. (15:10:46) Sarah : Chat ID for this session is ##############. (15:10:46) Sarah(15:11:01): Thank you for contacting Verizon FiOS Repair Support. My name is Sarah. May I have the billing telephone number ? Anonymous(15:11:20): ###-###-#### Sarah(15:11:56): Thank you. Sarah(15:12:17): May I have your preferred call back number in case Verizon needs to follow up on this issue? Anonymous(15:12:30): same number is fine Sarah(15:12:41): Thank you Ms. Anonymous. Sarah(15:12:51): Let me check the remote you have. Anonymous(15:13:25): it's the VZ P265v3 RC Sarah(15:15:01): I see that you have the PHILLIPS UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTRL : PRC144. This is the 2 button remote which is used to program the set top box and TV. You will require the 4 button remote that is RC144. With this you can program any other device you want. Sarah(15:15:21): You can place the order from the below link : FIOS accessories : - Anonymous(15:16:11): Is there a cost to that? Sarah(15:16:32): Yes you will have to purchase this remote separately. Anonymous(15:17:07): Is there any to get it included? We spend a lot of money on our monthly cable, internet, and phone bill. Sarah(15:17:42): I understand your concern. Sarah(15:18:08): There is no option to send it FREE. You will have to purchase it. Anonymous(15:18:21): meh Sarah(15:18:32): However, I can connect you to the billing team and you can check with them. Sarah(15:18:37): Shall I ? Anonymous(15:18:42): ok- thank you This session is being transferred. (15:19:03) This session is transferred to Suzie. (15:21:29) Agent Suzie has joined. (15:21:29) Suzie : Chat ID for this session is ##############. (15:21:29) Suzie(15:21:34): When you chat with us, you grant us permission to review your services during the chat to offer you the best value. Your current services will not be affected if you refuse permission by not proceeding with chat. It is your right and our duty to protect the confidentiality of your account information. For quality and security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed. Anonymous(15:22:16): ok Suzie(15:22:26): How may I assist you today? Anonymous(15:23:04): I would like to be able to control the volume on NAD receiver, but the last agent told me I needed another remote to do so. Suzie(15:23:34): I can provide you a link to order any remotes we offer. Anonymous(15:23:34): said i needed a 4 way programmable remote Suzie(15:23:54): Anonymous(15:24:10): yes- I am not willing to pay extra for it. Our monthly bill is over $200. Can you be of some help? Anonymous(15:25:02): According to your link the remote is valued at an additional $3 more than the one we use now Suzie(15:25:33): I apologize, we do not have access to that site for remoted. Suzie(15:25:38): remotes Suzie(15:25:48): The only option for remote ordering is there on the link provided. Anonymous(15:26:21): I'm not willing to purchase it. Is there any way to get it included so we use our TV properly? Anonymous(15:26:46): Unless you can credit our account for the cost. Suzie(15:26:46): I apologize, there is not. Anonymous(15:27:20): meh Anonymous(15:27:37): can you tell me how much my bill was last month? Suzie(15:28:52): Sure, may I have the account number? Anonymous(15:29:04): I don't have the account number Anonymous(15:29:12): ###-###-#### Suzie(15:29:48): What is the alternate phone number on file ? Anonymous(15:30:00): ###-###-#### Anonymous(15:30:12): I think you'll find the bill is around $200 Suzie(15:30:33): One moment. Anonymous(15:31:08): For roughly 2 years we've been spending around $221 Anonymous(15:31:36): $221 x 24 months = $5304 Anonymous(15:32:48): After spending over $5 thousand dollars- it would be nice to actually have a remote that works properly (which according to your own website is only valued at $3 more than the one we have now) Suzie(15:32:53): The last bill mount was $197.10 Anonymous(15:33:45): I think my request is reasonable- do you agree? Suzie(15:34:20): I apologize, I am unable to remove the cost for a remote order. Anonymous(15:34:43): okay- can you provide it another way? Anonymous(15:35:04): Is their a supervisor available who can see this logic? Suzie(15:35:09): The only way to order a remote with Verizon is through the link. Suzie(15:35:24): You may check with Repair to see if they are able to replace a remote you have now. Anonymous(15:35:47): is their a supervisor available? Anonymous(15:36:01): the difference is literally $3 Anonymous(15:36:18): but the website wants to charge us $18 Suzie(15:36:34): The difference of what? Anonymous(15:36:50): the remote being provided now and the one we need Suzie(15:37:30): The free remote we provide when you begin is the only remote we provide at no cost. Suzie(15:37:46): The other remotes we offer are listed there on the link. Anonymous(15:37:49): is there a supervisor available? Suzie(15:38:05): I will be happy to check for you, one moment. Suzie(15:41:47): My Supervisor is available. One moment and he will be with you. Anonymous(15:42:01): thanks This session is transferred to Elvin. (15:42:21) Agent Elvin has joined. (15:42:21) Elvin(15:43:02): Thank you for choosing Verizon and visiting our chat service. I will be happy to help you today. I am a supervisor in this department. One moment while I review the chat transcript to get up to speed on the situation. Anonymous(15:44:37): ok- thank you Elvin(15:46:28): I'm sorry about this. We are unable to process remotes without a fee from our department. If you want to purchase the 4 evice remote you can do this at the link provided to you. Anonymous(15:48:27): Can you provide a credit to the account? Elvin(15:48:43): No. I am sorry. Anonymous(15:50:44): These remotes aren't even offered with the service? Elvin(15:51:05): No I am sorry. Elvin(15:54:02): I haven't heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue chatting? Anonymous(15:55:37): I'd like to figure out a way to work this out Anonymous(15:56:04): I'm not pleased with the outcome Elvin(15:56:30): I understand how frustrating this must be. Unfortunately there is no more we can do for you. Anonymous(15:56:48): There is, but it seems you won't Elvin(15:57:43): I can see why you feel that way. Elvin(15:58:04): Is there anything else I can do for you with today? Anonymous(15:58:20): Can you tell me the cost of what Verizon pays for the remotes? Elvin(15:58:51): One moment Elvin(16:01:27): FiOS TV Remote Control (4 Device) is $17.99. Shipping charge is $5.99. Anonymous(16:02:01): I don't mean retail Anonymous(16:02:14): I mean what Verizon pays for a remote Elvin(16:02:25): That is all the information we can provide Anonymous(16:02:30): I can buy a remote a the dollar store Anonymous(16:02:53): We pay on average $221 a month on our bill Elvin(16:03:09): I understand. Anonymous(16:03:24): and we have a remote that doesn't work properly Anonymous(16:04:20): And you want to charge us an additional $24 Elvin(16:04:50): If the remote is out of warranty then a purchase would be needed. If it is in the warranty period our FIOS Technical Support Team can replace the remote with the same model. Anonymous(16:04:56): for something that we probably can both agree on costs a dollar or less to manufacture Anonymous(16:05:15): can you find out if we're within warranty? Elvin(16:05:51): I can transfer you to our FIOS Solutions Team if you like. Anonymous(16:06:24): no thanks- I'd like to work with you. You're a supervisor, correct? Anonymous(16:06:35): please find out for me. Elvin(16:08:56): It appears you are out of warranty. Anonymous(16:09:25): When did the warranty end? Elvin(16:09:55): 12 months after the start of your service. Anonymous(16:10:17): I just want to get this straight- if our remotes stop working... we have to pay for them? Anonymous(16:10:30): Our $221 monthly bill doesn't cover that? Elvin(16:10:41): Correct Anonymous(16:11:00): What about if the box stops working? Elvin(16:12:01): Set Top Box equipment is not bound by a warranty period. Anonymous(16:13:08): Our contract is up on Jan 3. What if the remotes are returned and one of them is not working- will we be charged? Elvin(16:13:59): No. Anonymous(16:14:33): Do you think this an unreasonable request? Elvin(16:15:05): I'm sorry about this. Anonymous(16:15:18): The RETAIL cost on your own website only shows a $3 difference between the two remotes. Anonymous(16:15:28): Don't be sorry- just make it right. Anonymous(16:15:52): oh- and there's $6 shipping too. let's not forget that. Elvin(16:16:12): There nothing more we can do for you. Anonymous(16:16:33): are you unable to control your computer system? Anonymous(16:17:02): because if you can control it- you could do something. Elvin(16:17:42): We cannot override the purchase process for remotes. Anonymous(16:18:14): Can you give a customer a credit? (careful how you answer) Elvin(16:19:30): We are unable to process a credit toward your account for this issue. Anonymous(16:19:56): Why are you "unable"? You are a supervisor, correct? Elvin(16:20:18): I am a supervisor. Elvin(16:21:44): I understand you are not happy with our process and procedures. Unfortunately, the remote is ou of warranty and if you would like to replace the remote there will be charge. It is unavoidable. Anonymous(16:22:19): I don't want to replace it. I just want one that can control the volume. Anonymous(16:23:40): I think that's very reasonable request since we spend $221 a month on Verizon service Elvin(16:23:45): If you do not want to replace it then adding a new remote would result in a fee. Anonymous(16:24:54): it's not broken so i just want one that works properly Elvin(16:24:59): I understand how you feel. Anonymous(16:25:14): great- so you'll take of the Verizon issue then. Elvin(16:26:30): I am sorry we are not able to process a remote for free and will not be issuing an adjustment to your account. Elvin(16:26:36): Is there anything else I can help you with today? Anonymous(16:27:41): that's not sufficient Elvin(16:29:17): I am sorry you do not like the response we have provided. If there is nothing less we will end this chat. Anonymous(16:29:28): is there someone higher above a supervisor i can speak with- someone who understands that losing a customer who pays $221 a month and has already spent over $5000 for the two years they have been a loyal customer Anonymous(16:29:52): over the cost of an over exaggerated, blown up cost of a remote? Elvin(16:30:08): I can have someone call you in 1-2 business days. What number can they reach you? Anonymous(16:30:24): that is not sufficient Anonymous(16:30:34): let's take care of this right now Anonymous(16:30:46): let's use logic Elvin(16:31:01): There is no higher Supervisor on chat in this department at this time. Anonymous(16:32:09): ok- so let's just stop wasting time over a cost of a remote to verizon which is probably a dollar or less. Anonymous(16:32:27): not asking for the world here Elvin(16:33:03): I Am sorry we are not able to process a remote for free and will not be issuing an adjustment to your account. Anonymous(16:33:54): why not? Elvin(16:34:54): We cannot override the purchase process for remotes. Anonymous(16:35:35): is there something wrong with your computer? Are you not a supervisor? Anonymous(16:35:51): Are you able to issue a credit? Elvin(16:36:22): There is nothing wrong with my system it works as designed and I am Supervisor. Anonymous(16:36:24): Just want you to know I'm posting this conversation online to public forums. Anonymous(16:37:10): I think this is very greedy on Verizon's part Anonymous(16:37:46): Provide the customer with a remote that doesn't allow for good service and charge a great deal more in order to make it right. Elvin(16:41:59): I am sorry if your remote is having trouble and is out of warranty (over 1 year old) and in order to get a replacement or adding an additional router requires a charge. The only example I can see is if you purchase a TV and it includes a remote and after a year goes by the manufacturer or store you purchased it from would not replace it for free. Anonymous(16:42:59): Are you playing ignorant? Do you understand what I am asking? Anonymous(16:43:09): Do you think this remote is broken? Anonymous(16:43:35): Can you please explain to me what you think is going on here? Elvin(16:46:47): If it is not broken but not meeting your needs you can purchase a new remote. The example above still applies if you get a TV with a remote but the remote is not sufficient for your needs the Manufacture or Store will not prove another model remote at no charge. Elvin(16:48:54): I haven't heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue chatting? Anonymous(16:49:00): hold on Elvin(16:52:37): I haven't heard from you for a few moments. Would you like to continue chatting? Anonymous(16:52:44): yes Anonymous(16:52:48): still typing Anonymous(16:54:00): I think you've made yourself look foolish enough- posting this to the online forums for the court of public opinion. I encourage everyone reading to contact the Better Business Bureau against Verizon- BBB is an excellent service. We're going to give a serious thought as to whether we'll be renewing our contract on Jan 3. Anonymous(16:54:39): A wholesale cost to Verizon has to be less than a dollar over a customer who has spent over $5000 Anonymous(16:55:20): This was a regrettable decision on your part Elvin of Verizon. Elvin(16:55:50): I'm sorry about this. Is there anything else I can help you with today? Anonymous(16:56:09): You could do what's right. Elvin(16:57:04): I am sorry you do not like the response we have provided. If there is nothing else we will end this chat. Anonymous(16:57:26): Answer me this- Anonymous(16:57:37): Do you think this makes sense on your part? Anonymous(16:57:49): Personally Elvin(16:58:14): I cannot give a personal response. Anonymous(16:59:24): Can you tell me what $221 - $1 equals? Elvin(17:00:35): Since there is nothing else we can do for this situation we will be ending this chat. Anonymous(17:01:03): you didn't answer my question Anonymous(17:01:32): you could tell me how much it costs Verizon wholesale for the cost of a remote? Elvin(17:02:23): We do not have that information to provide. Anonymous(17:02:42): you work for Verizon, correct? Anonymous(17:02:59): does the cost justify the means? Elvin(17:04:35): I am sorry. I am not going to answer question that is still debating the decision we have made. If there is nothing else we will end this chat. Anonymous(17:05:00): that's unfortunate Anonymous(17:06:53): For everyone reading- I'm not suggesting this, but Elvin here made it clear that broken boxes are covered under warranty. If the Better Business Bureau can't help- don't break them on purpose. Anonymous(17:07:03): Alright Elvin- we're done now. Elvin(17:08:29): Set Top Box equipment is not bound by a warranty period. and can be replaced at no charge. Elvin(17:08:55): I apologize for your confusion. Anonymous(17:09:23): No charge is good enough. Seems like they would cost a lot more than a remote. Elvin(17:11:10): Set Top Boxes have a rental charge associated with it. Elvin(17:11:26): Thank you for chatting with Verizon. Have a great day! Your session is now closed.

Dec 21, 2015

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