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Verizon Internet And Home Phone / debt not owed $106.40

1 MA, United States

In June 2008, I cancelled my internet service with Verizon, yet I was billed incorrectly $94.99. I contacted Verizon to prorate bill and the representative told me that I owed $43.32 which I paid on June 27th. The original charge for both phone and internet was $70.00/month.

In August 2008, I contacted Verizon because my home phone was out of service. They said that a repair person would look into the problem within 3-5 days. I waited and called again. Three weeks passed and my phone was still out of service. I called Verizon and cancelled my phone service and requested that my bill be prorated for the amount of time that I was without service. When I received my final bill it was for $106.40. My home phone service was suppose to be $32.00/month plus tax. I called Verizon and the representative said that she would have the bill adjusted minus the internet service fee and prorated for the three weeks of no home phone service. She told me to wait for the next billing cycle for the bill to be adjusted. The next bill that I received from Verizon was for $106.40. I called Verizon again and they told me that I should wait for the next billing cycle to reflect the adjustment. The next bill that I received was from a collection agency AFNI. I contacted Verizon again and they said that the account was already sent to collections and there was nothing that they could do. I contacted AFNI and explained the above communications with Verizon. The representative said that they would research the issue and get back to me. About a week later, I received a message that they had researched the issue and that I did in fact owe $106.40. Now, I am being plagued with calls from the North Shore Collection Agency. They call all times of the day and night and at least 3-6 times per week. I tried explaining my situation to them as well and was met with the same response as AFNI, that I owe the $106.41. To say that I am disgusted is an understatement. Verizon has now jeopardized my very good credit by putting me in a collection agency for such a small debt. I am outraged. Is there anything that you can do to help?


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