Verizon / international dialing text and data issues

United States

i bought a verizon iPhone 4s inn december 2011 and travel regularly overseas. the issues i have experienced are downright laughable but are trumped by verizons incredible lack of knowledge about both the iPhone and the issues that come with it when traveling abroad.

i have now had multiple issues in europe (UK, holland, germany) and asia (china). after hours and hours of research myself and with verizon and apple customer service, it is clear that issues are related to verizons cdma network that simply doesn't handle issues when you are roaming abroad on a gsm network, the standard in most parts of the world except china, brazil and a few other countries.

given the network difference, it is understandable that there are issues but it is truly mind boggling to consider how inept and devious verizon has been about the whole thing. via many posts on various sites, it is clear that many people are having issues mostly related to the phone not recognizing phone numbers from contacts when calls and/or texts come in. AMAZINGLY, no one at verizon would even acknowledge there is an issue until i directed some high level tech to google where he sheepishly agreed that there must be a bug. apple wasn't much better but at least they don't try and tell me i am the only one with the issue.

simply put, my phone won't recognize incoming calls and texts from my contacts. to make matters worse, i can't make calls from my contacts because the numbers aren't formatted in a manner that the network i am roaming on can understand. while attending a trade show in germany i was rendered useless and missed multiple meetings because i could reach no one and they could not reach me by phone or text. on my own, i discovered a *228 fix which somehow resets the phone but i had to find this on my own as no one at versions global call center could help me. let me also make it clear that i did my homework and made "sure" that my phone was properly set up for international use, .

after talking to apple and verizon on numerous occasions, i was promised a fix via an excel spreadsheet that would allow me to reformat my contacts for the appropriate network type. that was 2 months ago and whole the bozo in verizons "presidents office" (his name is Jacques Groleau) promised to assist until a fix or at least an honest answer could be provided, he went awol and hasn't been heard from since.

the most annoying part of this whole experience is that verizon has this pathetic policy of claiming to call you from the "president's office" when you complain via their "how was your service on this call to customer service" surveys they email you. thats right, they actually call and say they are calling from the presidents office! i suppose this is designed to make you feel important but because there are so few people at verizon who are properly trained on the iPhone and its issues, it just made me feel even more frustrated because no one could actually help with the issues! i was so upset by this awful violation of corporate decency that i pushed and pushed and kept asking to speak to the president himself which obviously isn't going to happen. i finally was contacted by this jacques groleau but as indicated, he seemed to want to make himself feel good by arranging for me to talk with top tier techs at both apple and verizon, . the only place you get a straight answer is from high level apple techs who can at least explain the nature of the issue while to really coming up with any solutions.

i think everyone understands that as technology improves at a fast pace, bugs emerge but the way things are handled at verizon is utterly despicable and the lack of training at the first and 2nd level of customers service is appalling. i have to admit that i am not happy with myself for how upset i have gotten on numerous calls but i remain utterly shocked at how version thinks they can solve things by having you talk to some supposedly high level person whose follow up and lack of integrity through this process is sickening.

truthfuly, i have several more issues that emerge as soon as me and my phone leave the country but my main complaint is the astonishing way in which verizon actually thinks they can solve things by claiming to be calling from the big guys office. id rather talk to the lowest man on the totem pole if he would at least give me a straight answer about the fact they have no clue nor nothing n the works re fixing the issues,

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