Verizon / i'm so disgusted with verizon I can't even speak to them to find out what happened

United States

I called Verizon on several ocassions and went throught the terrible phone system that cuts you off before you even get to speak to a human being which is rare with Verizon. I even went on-line to the chat that was also terrible. Are there any human beings that work there. After finally punching random buttons on the phone out of frustration I finally got a human being. I asked them the change my package because paying $200.00 month for TV was not in my budget. Well we went through the packages and finally got the bill down to something affordable SO I THROUGHT.

Well I get my bill for a WHOPPING $600.00 WT[censored] Direct TV is intalling my dish tonight. I’m so disgusted with Verizon I can’t even speak to them to find out what happened and what charges they added to my bill when I took some of the packages off. Worst customer service ever!!! Worse than Comcast…geez. Even went to their satellite office in Bowie, MD and they were useless, they directed me to the phone to call customer service.

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