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Verizon Home Triple Play / custom service snafu

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5 Hour Journey No Where [ New ]

on ‎[protected]:43 PM

Hello V Forums,

Thought I review my services today. Had questions about bill and stuff.


Took three attempts to filter three versions of Verizon truths and stave off attempts to review my services.

Earlier I had opened a V email linked to online offer. HBO and Showtime free 2 years No Term.

V customer rep told me. 1) I'm not eligible. 2) I am eligible. 3) I'm eligible but, it's only online. 4) I'll transfer you to someone that'll explain online ordering. 5) Hello, um this is Tech Support. 6) There is no V dept to explain online ordering.

Then I came across a very pleasent rep that wanted to review my services. This time I went along. I was still curious about offer for HBO and Showtime 2 year free No Term.

I have Local TV, 50/50 and phone. Also, I'm price lock with some free HBO channels and no Term till Jan 2016.

After hearing about the offer I'd seen. Rep offered to keep my services, keep my price lock, keep HBO, keep no Term...add Showtime and extend all till Jan 2017.

Naturally, I made him repeat a few times.

He stayed consistent.

So, as he was going to email plan details and then put in the order. I happily agreed.

Well, at that very instant the line went click click click and I was listening to rings then pre recorded messages in Chinese.

Yep, Chinese.
Woman answered speaking in Chinese. Then I replied in English. She replied in English.

I was transferred back to US

Then I went around and around for four hours trying to get the deal I was offered.

Get this... there is no record no order number no notes no nada. V Supervisor would or could not check beyond telling me there is no record. My offer never happened. My trip to China never happened. The offer is not possible. No V rep would do a package as I explained.

Super would not check my phone records. Super would not investigate as there's nothing to investigate. There's no record. So, nothing to investigate. I gave time line repeating 4 hours of calls trying to explain my story. Repeatedly, repeating. Getting from V. I'm sorry. But, no remuneration. No compensation. No offer.

Just a sour taste from 5 hours of V Bee S

I'm serious PO'd If I can find other venues. I'll tell my story.

Verizon = The End

May 29, 2015

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