Verizon Fios / visa gift card is a scam

Lynbrook, NY, United States
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As a customer of Verizon FIOS for many years, when my contract was up and I re-signed for another 2 years, I was promised a $200 Visa Gift card after 90-days of service. Fast forward and also having confirmed one month after signing up that yes, I did qualify for the offer. But after 90-days came and went and dealing with dozens of Verizon Support staff, one after another said it was not 'attached' to my order and I did not qualify. I even opened a complaint with the BBB and yet another Verizon drone came back and told me the same thing.

My advice is do not fall for their false advertising and at the very least if you do, get it in writing somehow. I used to be a loyal customer of Verizon, but as much as I don't like Cablevision, will be going back to them for their 'simple' price plan as soon as my awful 2-year contract is up with Verizon. For spite, I also downgraded my cable to a lower package which considering the only reason I had the higher package was to get HBO, was a no brainer. You can now get HBO on AmazonPrime for $99/year along with other benefits far better than throwing away $20 (+tax) back at verizon who could care less about their former loyal customers.

Buyer beware

Jan 16, 2015

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