Verizon Fios / exorbitant charge on phone calls

VA, United States
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I have been charged $300 for a couple of international calls that I made. The effective rate is almost $3 per minute. Verizon fios would not budge. This is clear cut rip off and taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. I have always used third party calling services for international calls. Somehow this time it went through verizon network.

I never wanted international dialing facility on my plan but I guess this is how the evil corporations make money; by giving you something you don't want/ need or request. Then they wait for one ocassion when you fall in their trap; which I did.

Well, this is to alert lot of other unsuspecting folks. I have already started my process of getting Direc TV, Vonage and comacast to replace the useless fios bundle I had.

Hope I never have to be a verizon fios in my life; as long as there are choices, I am staying away from verizon.

They can have my $300; as if their stock would shoot up! no way with such evil practices and customer service would they thrive.

They have proven to be penny wise pound foolish...they have my $300 but would lose $185 a month that I paid them each month for the triple play bundle.

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