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Verizon Fios / false advertizement - poor service

1 Kendall Park, NJ, United States Review updated:

To make it simple - first they offered a free TV - almost 2 months have gone by since I had the service installed - no TV no confirmation letter.
2nd - numerous issuse with the setup, when I called is was a joke, like talking to a wall. No wonder this contry is going down the toilet. Big Companies always sell the sizzle, but 9 out of 10 times have noting in the frying pan, they can say ad do what ever they want with no liability, the Goverment can not or will not do anything to ensure they deliver what they say, and the Consumer has no recorse.

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  • Br
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    I worked for Verizon completely in the rebate department. I have since quit because I could not deal with lying to customers day in and day out. They told us to lie to the customers and say that we had taken their information down and forward it to our supervisors which we did take the info down, but we never gave it to anybody. The information sit in a database that never gets touched by verizon. Oh yeah I actually didn't work for verizon I worked for a stupid staffing agency that worked for a third party call center that works for Verizon so really your talking to a fourth party company that can do nothing for you. I suggest everybody cancel service. Unfortunately this is rather difficult because once you are locked in you have to pay a stupid canncelation fee. In the long run you will be happier to have gotten out of your contract because verizon has the worst customer service out of any company i've ever known.

  • El
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    this makes me so agry Dec 2007 I was promised a 19" TV no mention of a letter. January--Febuary - March I have made at least 15 attempts to get this offer I am so agry I am going to scream I hang up after I have given them my full info knowing the TV is coming it is so funny I am a jerk to believe this I was really looking forward to this offer////I will not give up HELP HLP

  • Sa
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    I too signed up for Verizon Fios and was promised a $200 Best Buy Gift card. First I did not get a confirmation letter and had to call for that. I called the number supplied and got a confirmation number for my gift card and guess what? My 2-4 weeks has passed and I called and was told "the cards are on back order" and it will be another 2-4 weeks. This is absolutely unacceptable for a company the size of Verizon to offer a promotion theat they cannot deliver. How friggin hard can it be for an employee to go to Best Buy and pick up the promised cards. I think they are hoping that people forget or give up. I will not do either.

    I am very unhappy.

  • Li
      13th of May, 2008
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    I ordered my verizon fios nov of 07 it is May 08 and still no tv. They give me the run around every time. i am canceling and switching back to Cablevision. they said they would pay my cancelation fee if i switch back to them. They are better with customer service anyhow. just contacted 7 on your side, and they have heard from a lot of people regarding this. I bet a class action lawsuit will be in the near future. Just wait people..u will see.

  • Bo
      31st of May, 2008
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    Welcome to the world of the promise of a free TV and not getting one. I ordered my bundle package in February 2008 with the promise of a free 19" HD TV. I also never received a letter and when I checked on it, found out I had not registered online. The agent took care of this for me and promised everything was okay and I would receive my new TV in 4-6 weeks. I just checked on the status of my new TV and was told it has been escalated to a camcorder because there are NO TVs left. My order was placed on 5/21 which is not my fault and the promotions department no longer has any TVs left. I protested and was rudely told in so many words to live with it. I threatened to cancel my service and was promptly told I would be charged an early termination fee. I said I was not getting the service I was paying for. She said I was being sent a comparable product and was being given service even if it was not the service I was expecting, I was being serviced.

    The second part of this story is that I have a set-top DVR box that I am being charged for that was mailed to me well over a month ago with an HD cable. I cannot hook that box up to my current TV because it is NOT an HD TV. So I have been patiently waiting on the new TV. I have been told I could go to Radio Shack and purchase a cable, which I tried and they did not have, but I should not have to purchase the stupid cable. Tech support tried to get the order department to mail me the cable but they couldn't do that either for some crazy reason. So I just decided to wait on the TV. Well now that the TV is now not coming I called tech support to set up an appointment to have someone come out and hook up the DVR box to my old TV. Well, after 45 minutes on hold, and a half hour with the technician, the department that sets up the orders for technicians to go out to the homes could not do it because I had the set-top box for more than a month. I thought I was going to scream at someone at this point. I had now been on the phone for over 3 hours. The technician then decided to transfer me to the complaints department as there was nothing more he could do. I was on hold for another 20 minutes, the phone rang and got disconnected.

    I took two Kava Kava capsules, calmed down and made another call to tech support. The next tech support person, David, great help, listened to my story, which I had to go all over again, then put me on hold while he told my story to his supervisor and the two of them got an appointment set up to get the box installed. Thank you David and thank your supervisor.

    The other issue I have had with Verizon is that I received a phone call within the first month of a notice to disconnect. I called and asked why. They said I hadn't paid my bill. I said I did not receive a bill and would be more than happy to pay the bill if I had it in my possession. I offered to pay it over the phone but there was a fee. They said I could go out online and pay it without extra charge. I went online to pay it but could not get registered because my account was set up via my phone number and I needed a password from customer service. Of course they were closed. So I had to pay over the phone and it cost $3.50 just to get the stupid bill paid so I would not get disconnected and suffer a reconnect fee.

    It has taken numerous phones calls, many hours waiting on hold, many requests over and over again for a hard copy phone bill and I am finally getting a phone bill in the mail. I just got a copy of March's phone bill on 5/21. Can you believe that. They claimed I was set up for online billing but when I checked with tech support they said I was NEVER set up for online billing and still am NOT. I just don't understand.

    Yes, I would like to see a class action lawsuit against Verizon. They just don't give a darn about their customers and kick us around like dogs. Good customer service is just not a part of Verizon (except for tech support) and Customer Service does not deliver what they promise. I think they tell you "yes we will" just to get you off their backs.

    I am stuck with this contract for two years and it burns me up. They have me in a corner. They don't have to do a thing to make me happy customer but I cannot do a thing when they don't deliver. It's unethical and they should be called on it. I am not the only customer that feels this way. When I talk to people about Verizon they all have a story that is not pleasant.

    Thank you all for listening...

  • St
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    I went for the Verizon deal last December of receiving FIOS internet, cable and landline service for $100/month with the added incentive of receiving a free 19” Sharp LCD TV.

    It then took 4 months and repeated phone calls with interminable wait times before we finally received the TV, only to find the set was defective (distorted picture and inoperable DVD player). I contacted Sharp since it has a 1 year warranty and they said they’d repair it and ship it back to me but I must pay for shipping to them.

    Pay $40-50 to UPS a “free gift” that's defective? No thanks, this should be their problem, not mine.

    After spending almost two hours on the phone being given the runaround from one department to another, each time waiting listening to muzac for a half hour, I finally go through to what seemed a reasonable person looking to help out. “Chris” took down the info on the TV model, its defects, and my email address and said I’d receive an email on how and where to ship the TV for a free replacement.

    Well, 2 ½ weeks later and no email, so I called “Chris” again at the number he left me. Instead I got another rep at a call center who on checking my file found only a note “complaint on TV” and then proceeded to say there was nothing Verizon could do, I must take it up with Sharp. I again told her this should not be Verizon’s customer’s problem, but rather their’s to remedy and there was no reason I should be paying out of pocket for a defective “free gift”.

    After being put on hold numerous times (I swear this is their strategy to get rid of people) she again said nothing they could do. I told her this struck me as a major scam as the TV model number cannot be found on any internet site and my guess is their built to lower quality or are seconds.

    Their final solution to my complaint on the defective TV was to offer to help me cancel my service (which I so far haven’t done). Clearly they value their customers!

    Another Verizon item: for the first several bills they overcharged me for their service and it took several calls, again with the dread hold time (all part of the plan) to get this right. Talking with other members of my church and they also had this experience.

    Great company. They should not be allowed to get away with this cheating game they have going just because their a large faceless company.

    Google “Verizon free TV scam and numerous message boards of complaints pop up. We're hardly alone and I will post this wherever possible to do my little part to bring these clowns into the light of day.

    Verizon, do you hear me now?

  • Ma
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    On March 15, 2008 I had FiOS service installed in conjunction with Verizon's promotional offer of a free 19" HDTV. The installation went smoothly and the service to date has been excellent including technical support. The 19" HDTV, though, is nowhere to be found. I have repeatedly contacted Verizon, getting the initial excuse of supplier shortages, followed each time now by "it will be a few weeks." I recently received calls from its awards department wanting to confirm my address and my choice of the HDTV. When I asked if it's scheduled for delivery I'm told "it will be a few weeks." Well a few more weeks have passed and I'm convinced Verizon, in its attempt to usurp its rivals in broadband marketshare in the New York metropolitan area, willing perpetrated a fraudulent marketing campaign on the public. This is well documented by the numerous complaints found on this and other websites. My suggestion is to do as I have done and file consumer complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau and your State's Office of Consumer Affairs. There is also a law firm in New York that is currently investigating complaints from consumers who signed up for Verizon's "Blitz" promotions but have yet to receive their promotional gifts. That website is With no other recourse against a giant like Verizon I urge you to take the above steps to at least let them know they are being scrutinized.

  • Ke
      11th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same story!! Sadly I ordered Fios 3/3/08. It was installed only 3 weeks later with the $100 servcie offer with the free LCD TV.. I ended up making about 10 calls to the customer service (escalation dept.) they are nice but cant get me the TV. I did finally after 180 days receive a $200 gift card to Best Buy. I was also offered a $100 gift card additional for my trouble. (they "forgot" to give me an HD receiver for 3 mos) I asked the 3 or 4th rep point blank, "If I didnt make these calls would I have gotten the gift card or TV?" they both admitted "No"
    WOW...thats class action lawsuit.. Never did get the $100 additional card either
    They need to be hammered hard on this.. Its absolutely unfair and I will be first in line to ### slap this company for bait and switch B/S!

  • La
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Don't forget if you get the DVR box you will get unauthorized charges. I had somethingl ike $600.00 of unauthorized charges when I finally pulled the plug on Verizon. They refuse to refund the cahrges. And when I keep trying to get it cleared up, they keep stone walling me and then sending me to three or four different sections. So I say we file a class action lawsuit. By the by I found out from a prior Verizon technician that the DVR boxes will attempt to get a signal from a pay per view channel (supposedly at random but since the boxes are recycled it often ends up being an adult on demand channel) and will charge you for it if it doesn't get a "clear signal" from the movie.

    This happens when your DVR box resets itself.

  • Jo
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Verizon gave me the run around about the 200.00 Best Buy card for months. Finally I got it and I went to Best Buy to buy something and the card is no good. Best Buy rep called and after 1 hour on the phone talking to different people found out the Verizon had cancelled it 2 days after it was issued and before I got it in the mail. I have had nothing but problems from the installation until today and all you get is told it will be resolved or hung up on. I called today and told them I want this resolved right away or I will cancel my service and I was told if I cancel I will be charged an early termination fee.

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