Verizon / Fiosdishonest selling practices

After 6 months and at least 20 phoone calls my billing from verizon is still a mess. was promissed a $200.00 gift card, but was told I will not get it because... get this... verizon is not responsible for what the door to door salesmen group told me!!! how can that be legal? the door to door people selling the fios are contracted by verizon so it seems they can tell you whatever they want and verizon does not have to honor it. I guess this is because you would have to prove what was said, but it is too late if you have already sighed on the dotted line. I am not making this up I have a tape I made (from my answering machine) of the rep telling me this. if I knew how to get this voice message (tape) on the internet I would do it in a second. someone help me out here... what verizon did to me is criminal... plain and simple!!! my email is [protected] I have contacted the va. consumer affairs and bbb and let me tell you they can't do anything to help you. I have a feeling that verizon knows what they can get away with and they do it!!! or they just pay a fine which I dont thik hurts them too much. I am talking about fios. read the complaints online, and dont confuse fios with verizons other services. note.. I didnt really go into detail about the main problem of overbilling which has been 2-3 times what it should be. verizon is uncapable of fixing their own admitted problem and it has been 6 months now. stay away from verizon!!!

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