Verizon Fios / deceitful sales tactics

NJ, United States

The sales rep that I dealt with lied to me to get me to agree to a 2 year contract with Verizon. I ordered the service online and have a full transcript of our conversation".

I was told I would pay $***'.** per month and would receive a gift card of $300 dollars on top if I was to sign a two year contract;. Now, after 2 months the gift card has not come?. I call to find out where it is to find out that there was never one issued and that it was trumped by another promotion;. The only reason I agreed to a 2 year contract is because of that card, if for any reason I had to cancel service that would just negate the ETF.. The actual monthly figure was not much better than my current provider!.

I called and spoke to 6 different people and was told that there is nothing they could do, . I even said that I will forgo the $300 dollar gift card as long as they remove the 24 month agreement/ETF fee in case I find a better deal.

Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with and are lying ###. I will never recommended or use their products again. I was looking to switch from ATT wireless to Verizon but I guess I shouldn't waste my time.


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