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We received an email alert thanking us for ordering a $170 annual Hockey package that we didn't order. When we called to cancel the order, after being on the phone for one hour and demanding to speak to a supervisor, we were told that the charges could not be reversed and that we needed to wait for it to appear on the bill to dispute it. We were also told that most likely that the charges would not be reversible since it was triple confirmed on the remote control. UNBELIEVABLE. Make sure you lock your parental controls in case your pet, child or someone accidentally sits on your remote control which might have happened. I am on edge waiting to see if they have the audacity to try to add this to next month's bill.

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  • Yv
      Apr 21, 2009

    I just had two major charges to my bill that verizon will not let me dispute! I rarely look TV and never ever rent movies. I canceled a free month of pakcages because I did not care for the movies Verizon offered. Yet I am now billed for HBO and Cinemax at the tune of nearly $50.00. I just got off the phone with a rude person at verizon, who will only cancel the order, inisiting I must have pushed some button (duh...I'm running a company Ms. - I know how a remote control works!). I have read many complaints about this exact same problem - why is no one taking them on?! I can't wait until my year is over and switch back to anther company!

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  • Sh
      Mar 08, 2010

    Yes i was in the same situation and they cancelled my account. now i'm looking on the net to find an equipment return location and cant find that either. WHy no one is suing them?

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  • Dd
      Sep 29, 2010

    I had a similar situation where the NBA package showed up on my bill, 3 installments for $33/month. I called and they said it was ordered over the TV which never happened. My kids are too you to figure it out and my dog hates basketball. After about an hour trying to get it resolved, a reasonable customer service rep let me know that they are rewarded/measured/bonused or whatever on keeping the lowest total on refunds. So they are incentivized to not help us.

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  • Ep
      Oct 05, 2010

    I had the same problem with the NFL Red Zone package which I didn't order and they won't refund me.

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  • Bi
      Jan 07, 2014

    We experienced the unauthorized puchases scam thru Verizon FIOS beginning July 2013. At that time, we began getting email every couple weeks from Verizon thanking us for purchasing movies and sports channel subscriptions (specifically the RedZone and NBA Pass). Each time that I called them, they removed the charges, but told me that the purchases had been made thru my set-top box remote: "Sir, you have three set-top boxes in your residence! That is three opportunities for someone in your home to make these transactions..."! They can get so rude and loud and pushy. My point was and coninues to be: Yeah, and I do this intentionally so I can call and have these arguments with you people every month, over and over. (They would not remove the last NBA Pass scam, which was $199.00 in four installments, which I'm stuck paying). They said they can't get that money back because it already went to "The League".
    I think that Verizon has found a loophole here somewhere. There's no one at home except me and my wife and we have never rented or bought anything thru the set-top boxes. Anyway, I set a PIN on all three boxes after the $199.00 scam and it's never happened again. I'll bet that they can see that I set PINs. There has to be an argument against Verizon somehow; they have made God knows how much money off this idea against which the consumer has NO COMEBACK. (PLUS their sales commissions.). Why would a hacker do this? They can't see the FIOS stuff on my TVs, can they? Why? I'm missing something somewhere.

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