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Verizon Fios / fraud in billing!

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Because of outright contract fraud with Verizon yellow pages, I eventually cancelled the yellow page ads, then my home phone, then my business phone. When in need of broadband service, I decided to give them one more chance since their 4 month half price deal made them competitive. Big mistake in thinking they would be any more competent or honest than they had been in the past. I found they quickly billed me at the full price and had no access by email for a complaint to a human, just macro answers from a computer that were totally unrelated to my demands that they hold up their end of the contract. After fighting to get to a human on my cell, about thirty minutes, I had to fight like hell to get a refund from a very "challenged" operator. I was told my bank would be credited the money. That never happened, but I did get a credit on the next bill. However, just as sleazy and stupid as the first month, I was billed the full amount again. I'm debating if I want to go through the fighting and half hour waits for the next four months, stacked on top of mindless assurances by inept operators, or if I should tell then to shove their "service" and spend the next year fighting an early termination fee I'm sure they'll try to impose for their breach of contract. I am forwarding a very detailed complaint at the very least to the BBB, the local and federal consumer complaints centers, and my state politicians over this fraudulent billing scam.

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  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    Verizon Fios Internet / Digital Tv - Incredibly difficult to deal with!
    United States

    Verizon continues to suffer from the attitudes developed when they ran a monopoly and consumers had no other choice. The market is very different today and consumers are in the driver’s seat. But Verizon remains incredibly difficult to deal with, even when you are trying to buy something from them.

    Case in point:

    I work from home and have Verizon FiOS internet service. It’s a job requirement that I maintain internet service with static (fixed) IP addresses, so this costs me over $100 per month. I have a nice, new HDTV and would like to order FiOS TV service with DVR, etc. for about $115 per month additional. Since the house is already completely wired and already has FiOS internet, it would take Verizon about 15 minutes to deploy a set top box and start billing me.

    I ordered the service and waited two weeks for an installation appointment. The night before, I received a voice mail stating that Verizon will not provision FiOS TV with FiOS Internet if the internet includes static IP addresses. Apparently, Verizon considers Internet service with static IP addresses a “business” service and FiOS TV a “residential” service and they have a policy not to provide both on the same fiber. It is not a technical limitation.

    I called back and spoke with a supervisor. Trying to think outside the box, I asked that they install a second Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on the side of my house for the FiOS TV. I know that you will be shocked to hear that Verizon has a policy of only one fiber to a structure. I offered to pay for the extra ONT. No luck again.

    So, Verizon has literally spent hundreds of millions of dollars installing fiber around the Tampa Bay area, but would rather leave some of that fiber unused and forgo the extra revenue rather than spend $250 for an additional ONT for my residence.

    I suspect that Verizon invested more than that just tying to recruit me as a customer.

    The supervisor went on to say this is a common problem experienced by many other customers in our area. The only alternatives that Verizon offers are to forgo the static IP addresses or go elsewhere for TV service. While I would like to do business with Verizon, I’m not willing to change careers to do so.

    Again, there are no technical limitations against having both signals on the same fiber. This is simply Verizon’s marketing policy. Since the policy doesn’t benefit Verizon or the consumer, why have it at all? Policy-making like that is one reason I celebrate NOT being a Verizon shareholder.

    Verizon lost my home and business telephone service sometime ago due to policies and ridiculous pricing. Now I’m off to find a single source for internet with static IP addresses and digital TV.

    I really tried hard to be a Verizon customer. Sometimes you just have give up and move on...

  • Br
      13th of Dec, 2006
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    I see your Verizon Fios complaint page is gone. One thing you might be interested in. Verizon cuts your service without giving notice that they are about to do so. Thus giving you the opportunity to clear up any problems. In one day your account is closed so that you have to start a new account, extend the contract time and pay a reconnect fee. I knew Verizon was losing a lot of business, but this is an unfair business practice. I'd like to get a lawyer in on a Class Action suit. My initial term allowed me to disconnect at any time without penalty. I lost my credit card and had to change it. Rather than let me know they missed a payment they cut me off. Called the same day, paid and gave the new credit card numbers. Still had to start a knew account, as the old one was closed in one day, with new terms that were not disclosed. Increased monthly fee, and early termination fee. Also, they refuse to send monthly bills, so I did not know I was charged a connection fee. At that time, 3mos ago, the credit card must have been entered incorrectly, because my service was cut off again this week. Again I called the same day, and had to start a new account. Last time I made sure they had my phone number and email address, so they could let me know of any problems before disconnecting. No one contacted me. Again it was resolved the same day, but I had to start a new account. This is a totally bad business practice. I'm looking for other internet service now, if it happens again I will not reconnect.

  • Su
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    I was solicitated at my home to change services to Verizon FIOS TV/Internet. I was told the services would be combined on one bill. This was in March and it has still not be done. I have one bill with a huge credit balance and another that is past due. I have called repeatedly to have this matter resolved. The people who I speak with seem generally concerned and promise me that everything will be handled. Guess what? I am without my FIOS TV service. My husband is staring at his 65 inch Plasma TV, and he is furious.

    Also, when Verizon originally connected my service the person they sent out thought the order was for Internet only. I had to show him my copy of the order for FIOS TV/Internet. I was without the premium channels and On Demand for several weeks.

  • Bi
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    Verizon continues to demonstrate why monopolies are bad, even as they lose theirs.

    In the Tampa Bay area, people looking for static IP service should check with BrightHouse for RoadRunner Business Class. If you're lucky, you might even qualify for their "Teleworker Program" which for me cost 66% less than FIOS w/static IP.

  • Ma
      2nd of Sep, 2007
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    I have been in disputes with Verizon over billing for almost a year. They just can't get it right.

    I have now been given a "new" account number, but it doesn't work either. To this date I have not received a single bill, but only a bunch of past due notices. I pay these, but still... its ridiculous.

    I would estimate my time spent on the phone over this issue to be approaching 30hrs.

  • Da
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear Sir,

    I purchased Mother India prepaid card to call india but i got a verizon bill of 590$ though we did not call directly from verizon residential ph 813-661-6545. Above all I did not sign up with verizon to make a internatinal/long distance calls. without subscribing for long distabce calls with verizon I dont understand why verizon is charging us . Im disputing the bill. I have all the details available that I called from Mother India prepaid card to India by using 1-800 of Mother india which is free on local phones.

    I even spoke to Several times with one of the Verizon customer care rep her name is laveria she said that by mistake the mother india prepaid 1-800 no was not registered in their system because something wrong with verizon system. she said all I need to pay $22 instaed of $590.When I spoke to laveria she said that she has verified and made proper as there was something wrong in Verizon system. But when verified online I see the same thing .so untill this matter is not solved I cant pay the bill.
    When I went to view my bill online now the bill keep increased to $956, I dont undertsnad whats going on verizon system.

    After I spoke to laveria she said to sign up for International package then they will reduce the bill for $22. So Last month I signed agreed, but still they did not do anything with the previous bill of May/June ,still I see that I have to pay that $520.

    I really dont understand the tricks that verizon is telling us because of their faults how can we Pay them $590 without even having subscription for International calls how can one make a direct call from Verizon landline? They keep arguing that its their in the system that we had made call to India. We purchased Mother India Prepaid cards from Indian grocery here in Valrico and we made a call. I still dont uderstand why the verizon is not able to understand and insisting us to pay for which we never made a call.

    I cant pay this bill because we never made a long distance call ,nor we never signed up for verizon long distance /international packagein the month of May/June..Just because their system did not register theToll free number of Mother India card its not our fault.I dispute the bill I cant pay $ 590 in excess because of verizon's mistake.

    Whenever I speak to veirzon customer care they consume my time for 1 to 2 hours to answer and they will put on long holds, inspite of its several times I spoke even yesterday I spoke now they are telling a different story. Please help us.

    I have the details availbale with me about Mother india and other prepaid cards which I purchased.

    Please do look into the matter seriously in the intrest of justice.


    Dan Touchton

  • Hm
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    I totally agree with the previous complaints, it's been a horrible deal in getting the Verizon TV service. I wish ten times over that I had kept direct TV I had to endure one the highest bill I ever had after they install. The TV service which has not work properly since they installed it. I have called over twenty times with the same problem, to date it has not been fixed. I would not recommend the TV service it is just as bad com cast. I submitting a letter to the cable commission.

  • Da
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    I would rather put a stick in my eye than deal with Verizon ever again. Signed up for the Fios, internet, phone package and it was a disaster from day one:

    Price quoted by sales was not honored billing discounts did not post on the bill for 3 months, leaving me with over $700 balance due. Repeated attempts to get it straight were met with the usual "ignore it, it will be corrected". Well,they never got it right. Cancelled service, after 2 months of trying to straighten out the bill they never corrected I finally got my $200 overpayment returned. OK, come get your boxes, remotes and router, which they did on Aug 23. FINALLY got a zero balance bill on 9-24. Done right? WRONG. Oct 22 I receive a bill for the equipment ($1300) + internet + a mysterious balance - total due $1428 and a lovely note telling me I am on my way to collections. 2 hours on the phone transfered to 12 people, when transfered to person # 13 they disconnected me.

    ENOUGH. I registered a complaint with every media organization that will listen, especially those pesky "consumer" reporters on TV, filed complaint with BBB, and state consumer affairs.

    They are enough to drive a person to insanity.

  • Mf
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    I spent over 2 hours on the telephone just to get my order for service straightened out. They are to ostensibly place service this Saturday, November 24. When I read the comment about the person spending 30 hours on the phone, I have no problem believing it.

    I would like very much to have FIOS, but am not willing to pay the cost of dealing with them. Anyway, I've decided to cancel FIOS before they can drive me insane.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to "voice" your complaints. This helped me a lot.

  • Co
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    I am at the point where I can say that I hate Verizon Fios TV/Internet. We thought we were so lucky to be the first in our neighborhood to get this great TV service. We immediately signed up for it since they had the best HD programming available and at a great price. But what they did not tell us is that if you get FIOS TV you also have to switch to FIOS Internet. We had a great package deal through AOL-VERIZON DSL for $14 a month and my AOL service for $9.95. Of course when the tech came to upgrade us-he let us know that my Internet service would be $39.99 but of course when I called in to speak to a Verizon rep she sold me on it. She convinced me that my phone, TV and Internet service would be about $150 a month. Ok, so that was fine. But then we received a charge to our credit card within a couple of days and it was for over $100, then 2 weeks later a $75 charge. I called in and was told that it included everything(installation, new service)-they just billed me the connection fees in 2 bills so we wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. Okay-she sold me again. Until 2 weeks later there was another charge for $153.25. I finally called in and requested that they no longer charge my credit card-I wanted a paper bill that I could review and pay for myself. At this time they discovered that I did not have a bundled package. I had 3 separate accounts-phone, Internet and TV. The only one that could be accessed was my phone bill. Somehow my FIOS bills were in limbo and no one could give me a straight answer. I bounced from Verizon rep to Verizon FIOS rep(each service has different customer care reps and neither can access each others information) for over 2 hours until I finally got a hold of a supervisor who could do nothing for me. She had to get a FIOS supervisor and he finally located my lost accounts.And what did we discover? That I owed Verizon FIOS over $500. Amazingly they payments they had been deducting from my credit card could not be located-lucky for me I keep my credit card statements for a year so I had to fax them in ad file a dispute. So, then I was told, after the amounts I was disputing were removed from my bill I was behind $214. I paid this with my credit card. Clean slate... all good to go should receive a bill in the mail for the next month for $120. Did not happen. Instead I received a phone call stating that my FIOS service would be disconnected if I did not pay $159. So, I did and waited patiently for my next month's bill. Well, on Wednesday afternoon I received a call again stating that my FIOS service would be disconnected if I did not pay $129 and that I should have received a notice in the mail. Well, that came on Saturday but it stated that I owed $287. So Monday morning my FIOS TV service has been cut off. I call and I was on the phone for 2 hours. First rep I spoke to could tell me nothing, just that my service was off, so she transferred me to Collections. Which really couldn't tell me anything more that I was behind and none of payments have posted even if I have confirmation numbers. So we again filed a bill dispute and said I needed to go back to Customer care for them to take care of this situation. So now I am speaking to Christine)a very nice lady who seems very concerned and understanding) and she is trying to figure out what is going on and finally she is able to get a hold of a rep in Collections(Charles) who tells me that to restore my service I need to pay $287 and on December first my bill is due for $129.58. Although he was very nice Charles could not really help me-his system is down. He was just able to tell me that I owed from different bills these amounts, $147.15, $122.52, and $157.75. And where have my payments gone? No one at Verizon can tell me. So, this morning I have wasted 2 hours trying to figure out how I ended up with such a high TV/Internet bill. According to Charles a supervisor will look into my account and call me back at 9:00am PST). At this point I have let him know to just leave my service off and I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I am all for paying for what I owe them but I wish I could get a straight answer from Verizon and an actual bill so that I know what I am paying for and that they have posted my payments. Since I got my service in February, I have had to call them every month with this same issue and each time I have spent over 2 hours on the phone, bouncing from one rep to another and each time getting a different answer. Verizon FIOS has lost my business and I will be spending my day trying to find a new cable company and Internet provider.

  • Ph
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    Verizon is impossible to deal with. I signed up for the 99.99 bundled cable, Internet & phone package. The first bill was for $362.32. After 54 minutes on the phone the bill was reduced to$ 277.32.I was told that the problem had been resolved, and the next bill would be $127.00 since I had HBO and and extra box.

    OK. My next bill was for $214.02, No bundled service at all.
    Called the service department. 34 minutes on hold. The rep told me that it is all my fault. I told her that I am 81 years old, still pretty smart, and thoroughly fed up. She told me that my attitude wasn't going to get me anywhere with Verizon.

    I traveled to the Verizon store where I signed up. The helpful salesman told me that that did not do any billing resolution,
    and directed me to a wall phone where I reached the same service department as previously, and after 2o minute hold, gave up, and went home.

    Trying to discuss this impasse with my wife was impossible.

    We are terminating our service, and will go with Brighthouse,
    who have a reputation for excellent customer service.

    I am also selling all of our Verizon stock, and sending a note to the CEO. Verizon has spent billions getting FIOS in the street. Good customer service wouldn't cost very much at all.

  • Na
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    When I first ordered Verizon FIOS I was told that my billing would be close to what I was paying for my cable TV-phone-internet bundle. Turned out to be almost $100 a month more. I didn't get a bill for the first month and the first billing I received was $237 higher than it should have been. I called customer service, they apologized and "made things right" and followed up the conversation by turning me back over to "billing" which turned out to be collections. A nasty young man called Jake threatened to cut everything off by Wednesday if the bill wasn't paid. On Tuesday my chronically ill husband discovered out phone was cut off even though he had reluctantly paid them off!

    This month I have the same damned bill from Verizon. Unfortunately it's Saturday and nobody at Verizon can talk to me about this. My online account has NOTHING other than "pay my bill" available. It doesn't even list the service I have...but it shows that I owe almost $500 to Verizon including a bill from them to turn my phone back on!

    Since verizon has already screwed with my credit over this I am canceling my "contract" with them and going back to cable. I am so disgusted with Verizon I will never trust them again. The picture may be good, the phone service does well and the Internet works most of the time but is it worth ulcers, frustration and twice the money that cable costs? Decide for yourselves but I don't think so.

  • Uc
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I never thought I would EVER regret leaving Comcast, but man do I ever!! Who would of thought, right?
    Wanna hear a story people? Check this ### out...

    Im in Ft. Wayne Indiana & my ordeal started out with simply placing an order for a triple play. Easy, right? NOT!! These [censored]s are so unorganized, incompetant,arrogant,disrespectfull, patronizing & condescending that it took piss poor customer service to a whole nother level folks! I placed my order December 7th 2007 & it was getting switched from Comcast to FiOS so I could keep the same number. We did the 3rd party verification & I was told that there was nothing more I needed to do on my end accept be at home on the 19th between 1-5......I was thrilled I was leaving Comcast at this point! (Oh & just for ### & giggles folks I am still on hold with Verizon right's 9:31 pm and I originally placed this particular phone call at 8:05 pm....please note that I took the whole day off to iron out their mistakes & have been on the phone with them non-stop since 8a.m. this morning!! Just thought I w0uld add that for the extra visual as u read this post!!)

    Anyways, Verizon would call me before the install date leaving me tons of messages saying "This is Verizon,we are just calling to welcome U back..the 3rd party verification has been completed & there isnt anything else u need to do on your end accept please call us back at 1-888-553-1555 to verify the verification"....

    Huh? Verify the verification? Who does this? What is this for and why would U say there isnt anything else for me to do on my end as a "prefix"? How stupid. This took place a total of 3 times each time them acting like it was the first. They came out on the expected date about 10 minutes late (no big deal) accept the fact that it was 5:10 pm and its going to take 6-9 hours, but I was willing to bet they would do a sloppy job. Remember the 3 seperate "verifications" that I spoke of above folks? Well, on all 3 it was a a TRIPLE PLAY!! Well, this poor guy shows up and doesnt have an order for the phone, just internet and TV. Oh, Im furious. (By the way folks, Im still on's 9:46 pm). Well to make a longggggggg story short that all has taken place in a very very veryyyyy short period of time Dec 19th-Jan 3rd I have has issues with my phone, voicemail,calling features,dial tone,making/receiving calls,error messages and my TV flickering the movie. After spending 2 days away from work ($140.00 per day Im away from work mind you) waiting at home for them to come out to install and then the following day to "finish up" they then had to come back out to "fix" more problems which only meant a half of day away from work wich then ended up resulting in 2 more days missed of work so they could try to repair the cesspool of technical issues that was already there. First off, when I first placed my order I ordered inside wire maitence & I was told that ANY jacks that USED to work once upon a time WOULD work again but that proved to be too much work for the tech to sort out all the mistakes that Verizon had made a year before that when they cut and clipped all the wires & manage to cross our phone line with our neighbors, so this FiOS guy said that he wouldnt be able to get all the jacks working, matter of fact it would only be "1" jack & that would work & he was "being nice" for not charging me for "running a seperate new line"........Question, why am I paying for insire wire maintence? Thats supposed to cover that ###, right? Actually, yes I am right but think that it matters? (P.S folks I just spoke with Alphi he finally answered the phone at 10:30 pm and he hung up on me when I asked him what my name was and telephone number after he claimed he was going to note my account of my complaints and concerns even though he never did ask me what my name was....2 hours I was on hold for that ### ### to do that ###)....

    Anyways, Im so ###ing pissed off right now Imma just get to the bottom line. A Verizon employee has been pranking me and stalking me & I have proof. I have contacted the authoritys along with the security department for everything that has taken place since Dec 19, 2007. ###ing weirdo creep. I will return later on to add more to this but right now, I done got pissed the ### off because once again, Verizon has shown me that they can and will treat their customers ANYWAY they see fit!!

    If u want Verizon prepared to walk on eggshells!!! They expect u to kiss their ###. With customer service this piss poor they will eventually get bought out by a another company just like how Verizon bought out GTE. Tommorrow I am contacting Frank Gray of the Journal Gazette and the News Sentinel along with all the TV stations. I am also contacting the Attorney General for forms and the Indiana Regulatory Commission to file formal complaints. You people dont know half the story with this [censored]...



  • Ke
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    While the working service is great the billing and payment area leaves a lot to be desired. In Dec 2007 they sent mutiple bills via mail and internet. The Internet account does not accurately reflect payments. So I ended up making three payments. Now when I try and contact someone you can not get through to a human. The auto-response routes you different places or it drops the call. When you do get someone they just put you back into the auto-response. after 50 minutes I got someone from another area and she for 15 minutes could not figure out how to transfer me to a human. It was back into the auto-rseponse and endless waiting. I am sending out for lunch, hope they deliver. I am stuck on the phone for almost 90 minutes in the endless loop.

  • An
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I completely agree with all involved here! I signed up for verizon after a salesman approached my home and offered me $150 in gift cards for switching... well, actually my husband was the one who got suckered in, I told him that I HATED Verizon and didn't want to switch, but of course my husband got suckered in. Well it's three months later, I can't log into their web site, can't get through to a human to ask what's going on, and certainly haven't received these promised gift cards. I've filed a complaint with the BBB and will also file with the attorney general if necessary. Every time I turn on the television or use the phone, I think about how much I hate verizon! I wish I still had Optimum. I liked it so much...

  • An
      30th of Jan, 2008
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  • An
      4th of Feb, 2008
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  • Ol
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I really hate to agree with all the previous complaints but
    I also have a horror story to tell. I cann't believe the disorder
    and complete incompetence in their customers billing I' m beginning to think its on purpose. How can any company
    operate like this. You can never get a handle on what you are
    agreeing to or what your bill is going to be and I'm going into
    my 6th month with -out a solution. Its frustrating.

  • Ti
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    I have yet to have a stable speed. Heck at times a 56k modem was faster than what i get w Verizon FIOS. I call they fix it. Two days latter it is back to slow as a snail.
    Their staff is doing nothing but reading Q cards.....It is not working but they will not devieate from those cards of stock anwsers/fixs.
    Love to have a Verizon FIOS person that THINKS fix the problem for good. Or i guess i will by Canceling it all.

  • Je
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    I originally signed up and had no problems. That is till I moved. My bill at the old address was running $117 a month. They sold me on using their telephone service said it was a new package deal and I would save money. My first month’s bill was $450. The first four months was almost $1,000. I have called so many times it its funny now. Every time they say it is fixed but I never get the correct bill. The went back and got the credit card info from my old account and stared charging it because I had not paid since it was incorrect. These people are corrupt and incompetent. Never deal with them under any circumstances.

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