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Verizon Fios / unreliable internet connectivity

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I won't go into all the detail regarding dates and number of phone to Verizon tech. support... bottom line, I've slowly built up with FIOS service from Internet, to Internet+TV, to triple play. Since having FIOS triple play, I'm very content with the QoS and reliability of phone (POTS/FTTP) and TV, but since have had nothing but trouble with my Internet service. It has become completely unreliable. When it does work, throughput is ~8Mbs DL/~1.5Mbs UL. The problem is that several times per day all of the computers (wired and wireless) in my home lose Internet connectivity. To restore service I have to power cycle the router (Actiontec), then all returns to normal. Over numerous days, phone calls, trouble tickets with Verzion, the original router has been replaced, then the ONT (Optical Ntwk Termina); errors have been detected on the line by remote Network Technicians, etc. Next is to replace the Cat 5e cable from the ONT to the router. This just goes on and on. The thing I want to point out is that through this experience I have come to realize that with the exception of some relatively courteous phone reps and installers, the overall coordination of problem resolution at Verizon is pitiful. They have no concept of how to properly handle customer issues. When I told one of the recent customer service reps. that I was on the verge of moving all of my service back to Comcast (that's how frustrating this has become), she snickered, and said, "we don't want you to do that!" In summary, I am surprised Verizon doesn't have a better grip on customer service. This is the major discriminator in selecting various providers' triple play offerings. What's the since in having FTTP and lightening quick service if it's unreliable. I'm very close to returning to Comcast.

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  • Sa
      25th of Feb, 2008
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    So far my experience has been horrible with this service. I ordered the 20/5 service . The installation started at 9am and the tech did not finish until 6pm. The tech experience problems installing the ONT and had to replace on the same day of installation. After trying various times, another tech came out to help him. Only after that tech came out was the internet installation complete (so I thought). They came inside asked me to do a speed test and it looked fine. During the time I was setting up my email service, I overheard the techs talking about refurbished ONT, etc. Not sure if that was the cause of my original problem.

    After they left the service was fine until the following day at noon. The service went down and after working with the techs the problem was not resolved until 7pm. I used the service on the third day in the afternoon. On the fourth day the service was down again at night. I called up verizon and I did not hear from them until the fifth day. Now they are telling me they need to send out a technician to check and probably replace the wiring or parts.

    The technician came out but didn't do anything to the service since it was working at that time. They said there was nothing for them to check, etc. They gave my wife a phone # to call if they saw the problem again and that they would have a tech come out in 30 mins. The day after they came the problem again appeared (no internet service) I called the number they had left and I was told they couldn't send anyone since they had a skeleton crew, etc. It was only 3pm and they said they could come the next day. Well I couldn't be home the next day because I have to work since someone has to pay for this unreliable service(those were my words I told the rep). I called the helpdesk and again they try to do some troubleshooting and again told me they needed to send a tech out the following week. So now I am again waiting for them to come. But I am considering of cancelling this service since I was told by the VZ billing that I can cancel within 15 days and not get charge for an early termination of service(what service...oh you mean unreliable internet service???).

    In my opinion, do not get FIOS, wait till Verizon get their act together. Their customer service is a nightmare and their technical support is horrific. When it works it is fast, but in my experience it appears when my service decides to work.

    Thank god it was only internet service I requested from VZ. I couldn't imagine ordering other services.

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Verizon Fios - Connectivity is awful
    Verizon FIOS
    United States

    I have had an unacceptable experience with FIOS connectivity. I am not happy at all with services that have been promised. The salesperson made all sorts of promises - none of which have been delivered upon. Access is so bad I need to use my hotspot to get on line (including now). Speed test services have not been accessable and Google has timed out repeatedly.

    I have been on hold on more than one occassion for over an hour waiting for tech support.

    This service is unusable. I am very unhappy that I stopped using Comcast.

    It's not acceptable in any way and the service is awful. Tech service is unreachable. In my opinion the company and the sales person committed fraud.

    The salesman came to my house (traveling door to door) and made promises that the company has not delivered upon. He promised reliability, dependability, accessibility, good value, technical resources, variety and consumer choice, usability, market selection, and good customer service. This is very, very disapointing.

    It is hard to believe that organizations can do business this way these days. I think it is a shame that sales people can devote their careers to selling consumers services that are unreliable, undependable and unacceptable.

    I will be submitting my complaint to the FCC, the Better Business Bureau and any other agency that I can research.

    I encourage other consumers to do the same and to not be taken in by such practices. It is hard to believe that this can happen in this day and age.

    I will also do my best to find alternatives to Verizon for my business.

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