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Verizon Fios / scam and cheating

1 United States
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First of all, I was not informed by a Dale Mabry Verizon employee that my apartment wasn't actually able to get Verizon Fios TV, so the day of my appointment, a Direct TV employee showed up and kindly informed us that this happens OFTEN where Verizon hasn't informed the client they'd get Direct TV instead- yeah: a dish. I did not want this hence going to VERIZON.

So I was already disappointed with the deception and the fact that I would have to use a dish. I didn't want this so I called Verizon to cancel. They said I'd also have to call Direct TV directly to cancel that. I did so even though Direct TV in turn told me Verizon could and should do this cancellation, but they went ahead and completed that for me.

A month later I received a phone bill from verizon. My boyfriend called to make sure it was canceled and to remind them we already did this. Someone told him 'it'll all be taken care of'

Well, 2 months later we get ANOTHER bill stating I owe $288 dollars for the phone service that we never even plugged a phone into. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes and being transfered to 3 different departments, I spoke to the 3rd shift manager who was useless and only brought me to yelling and so much frustration because she said my boyfriend wasn't authorized so he couldn't make changes, although I think a 27 year old man would understand if someone told him 'you're not authorized'. I would have immediately called afterwards and taken care of it. The only solution I got out of her was to finally cancel it and add him on in case he needed to follow up.

He went to the actual store we originally went to and they said he actually wasn't an authorized user still. So they accomplished NOTHING. I now have to call AGAIN and wait on hold for hours (too bad we all work during the day and they decide to not have regular managers on during those hours I actually have time to call them) to make sure they don't charge me for this.

Not once did a Verizon tech come out to my apartment, and not once did I buy and plug in a phone to use, which even though they said they couldn't I know they can track and see what, if any, phone calls were made. So there is NOTHING I should be charged for. I will pay someone else to make sure I don't have to pay Verizon's fees because the principle is so messed up and incorrect. DO NOT GET ENTANGLED WITH THIS RIP-OFF OF A SERVICE!!!


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