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Verizon DSL / bad service

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I live in a small pocket of Verizon surrounded by miles and miles of Pacific Bell/AT&T customers. This is a “funny” joke pulled on my city of 60, 000 people by the idiots on the California Public Utilities Commission. In December 06, I signed up for Verizon DSL. The first time it was offered (much later than other companies, you’ll notice) and the ONLY service available in my little patch of electronic hell.

From 12/06 though 12/07, I logged over 200 service tickets with Verizon for lost connections and inability to get DSL service. Yes, 200 – and I work two jobs and only have one day off a week! So, that should tell you something about their reliability! This year, I finally found out that you could get action if you made connection with the executive offices on the east coast at [protected].

One of the reasons I stuck with the service and didn’t revert back to dial up (my only option, as the cable here is worse) is that I was told that my service would cost $14.95 a month for life.

Verizon raised my rate this past month, so I spent over 2 and half hours on the phone, during my vacation, calling several continents to find out how to get this fixed. This morning, I received a call and was told that in order to provide “customer retention” I was going to be allowed to keep the service for $14.95 for one more year, and then it would go to what ever rate they wanted.

They insist that they never offered that rate to me. They stated that it was only offered during the month of November of 2007 to new customers, that I was not entitled to the rate at all. I, however, clearly remember the conversation. So, warning to all consumers – record every call you make to a utility. I have now purchased a record-a-call handset and am going to do just that.

Customer Service? Are you kidding? What a rip off. They are quick to make promises to keep you hanging so that you don’t tell everyone what crappy service you’re getting and then when they finally get it right and it works – they screw you. You’d think I’d have paid my dues just by putting up with it for so long.

I estimate that the 200 tickets alone took up at least $10, 000 of my time. Plus the times I just didn’t want to be bothered spending hours on the phone to get my service working. Apparently Verizon doesn’t believe customers’ time has value. They can’t even part with $60 a year.

So, before you think of going with Verizon – do you really want to go through what I’ve gone through?

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  • Ja
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    I to think that verizon sucks smelly donkey balls !!! I have just gotten my service on the 8th of july 2008. and every evening the service cuts out . yes ...its a pain in the ### to get a hold of a service rep or tech. and if your lucky enough to get a hold of a person, expect transfers, lots of holding time, and repeats of the same ol' bull, they gave the last 50 calls in because of line interruptions etc... they told me saturday the 12th (tec support)that they would process a ticketfor a tech. support guy to come out to my home Monday the 14th. so i cleared my work scheduleto sit at home allllllllllll day waiting for this ### who never showed. so I called!!! they told me that they checked the line from there...and it seemed fine. so they didn't send him out.they also didn't bother to give me a call to let me know that.(even though it was ###) I stayed home blowing off a work day for these ###s!! and they didn't show or care...NOW!the woman i spoke to said that I will have no more problems. she assured me and swore to allah that i would have no more issues. i am pleased to tell you that i now havemore issues than ever!!it's insane...this evil company internet service cuts out 3- 4 times a day now. and its insane... I agree with allllllllllll the comments made by every one on this site as well as others.
    also people don't forget that verizon and all tel joined forces with the GOV. to pass a bill allowing any type of investigator or law enforcement agency(greasy or not ) to go int anyones files and systems without any type of permission. all emails and info(data)sent by online verizon users is read by thousands before it is read by the intended party. no privacy with verizon. and allllllllllll the frustration you want. i would normally tell verizon to suck my balls!!! but they would probably stop in middle of it, not get back to me ...and then send me huge bill for something the service they never provided!!! :[ if you get the what i did to make your self feel a little better ...poke your head in a verizon location and shout "verizon suckS!!" or whatever... and go on with your day. cuz thats all you can do.

    I stand by this message and support it full!! Jamie M metz.

  • Jv
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    Let me share my experience with Verizon. I called Verizon and asked what kind of a deal I could get on a bundle since I had Verizon for phone and cellulst. I was told I could add Verizon DSL and DirecTV and that in addition to the price quoted, I'd get a $200 AmEx gift card from DirecTV. After 5 weeks of inquiry, I was informed by DirecTV they did not provide the gift cards to Verizon customers - talk to Verizon.

    I called Verizon customer service - I was told by two layers of management "no - that's only for customers who did not have phone service originally". But, the agent knew I had phone service and told me I would get it. After another 6 weeks of runaround, Verizon stopped returning my calls. First rule: DO NOT BELIEVE THE OFFER THEY GIVE YOU BECAUSE IN MY CASE VERIZON REFUSED TO LIVE UP TO IT!

    Second, since I got Verizon DSL my dialtone intermittently disappears. Verizon customer service does not allow you to talk to anyone human (all automate) and if you complain about phone, they don't want to deal with DSL matters and if you complain about DSL, they don't want to hear about dialtone. IN OTHER WORDS, WITH DSL YOU GET DATA AND VOICE ON THE SAME TWISTED PAIR BUT NOBODY IN CUSTOMER SERVICE SEEMS WILLING TO ADDRESS PROBLEMS THAT ONE SERVICE CAUSES FOR THE OTHER.

    Third, some nasty Canadian tech on DSL caused me to lose my sent mail. At the end she said, she wasn't responsible even though SHE LOGGED ONTO MY COMPUTER AND LOST IT! Verizon techs are outsourced from all over the world it appears from the accents. And they are worse than techs I used to get from Comcast who at least seemed to hire people from the US who were more competent and polite.

    Do not get Verizon DSL. Do not. As hard as it is for me to say this, they make Comcast look good.

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