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Verizon DSL / paying for defective service

1 Brooklyn, NY, United States Review updated:

I am very upset about the non service I receive and point out that their so called technicians are clearly working against the company and the customer.

I’ve tried to get through the line, when my connection was down at night waiting 1/2 hour on the phone to be hanged up on. This happened 3 times, was never able to get through the supposedly 24/7 help line at night. The other times I just don’t want to waist my evening on the phone so I just ask my neighbors to share their signal.

So I’ve called in the morning, when I can get someone on the phone to be told that they cannot help me because at this moment my connection is working. I try to send emails to online support and get bogus generic answers in return.
I’m quite familiar with computers and networking, I’ve tried everything mentioned on their website to fix the issue and it’s STILL not working and NO ONE can help me???

I am not willing to pay for a service that works only sporadically especially not at the inflated rate I had to pay for my first month. it's kind of like going to a restaurant ordering a steak and only half a steak comes out of the kitchen but we're still going to make you pay for the whole steak...Unheard of.

Now that’s memorable: I have a problem with my verizon high speed internet and I receive "live chat" answers about Verizon One...good job people. Or wait, am I communicating to a computer I thought I was chatting “live with a technician” as falsely advertised on their website as usual.

I’ve already restarted modem, checked the cables and plugs, every day I’ve got to do it about 10 times.

I just spoke to another technician who couldn’t help me on the phone. Right now, my connection is fine. Later on today, the modem is going to blink red, then go completely dead until sometimes when it’s going to come back up. It’s of a GREAT inconvenience, especially when trying to upload files on FTP or watch a movie online for example. I try to watch a netflix movie online and it tells me my connection has stopped, or that my connection is too slow to watch a movie. Am I not paying for high speed internet?? And this happens EVERY NIGHT because EVERY NIGHT I still hope that something miraculous is going to happen like a working internet connection for instance.

I have been extremely disappointed with Verizon service so far, interesting how the advertised price is only $24.99/month but I’ve just paid a bill for 120 dollars for my first month of “high speed internet” which is high in price but very low in internet and competent service. I have had to ask to use my neighbors signal at night for a month now because my connection stops. And the person on the phone told me he/she couldn’t help me??? What am I paying for then.

So far my 3G phone has had better signal in the evenings than your supposedly high speed internet.

I have had high speed internet in the past through Comcast for about 8 years and NEVER NEVER had a problem. Once in a while I would loose signal but not 10 TIMES A DAY. Very unfortunately I had to switch to Verizon because I moved.

Also thank you Verizon for jacking up my phone bill with the extra 40 minutes wait on the line to get through someone else, after which I finally decided to hang up, OBVIOUSLY I was not the only one having problems.

Please someone be a real technician and not paid to waste my time. Thank you.

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  • Ki
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    I to have had this problem. I go to school online and my husband works online. We get about 5 minutes of internet time then it just drops us. We have been with out DSL since 7-30 and still having problems. I have got answers like your phone cord is to long to we don't know why you do not have a connection. We are waiting for a tech to come out. I pay for the 7.1 DSL connection and was told that it is not even able to use in our area. And we need to down grade to a 3.0 connection. We had a 5.1 at the old house. I get a different answer from every person that I talk to at verizon and that has been about 45 people. I to have been hung up on and given wrong phone numbers.

  • Mi
      26th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Don't pay for service not received. Speak to the Billing Dept., and they will refund you for days of connection problems. We did -- had lousy service like you -- and in one month was credited 15.00! We decided to call everytime there is a problem, and if we cannot connect within a reasonable time, then we'll call billing next day to receive a credit! That's it!! Either they'll get sick of us calling and really fix the problem, or just keep paying us for services not receive. Do it! Don't get a headace over this!!

  • An
      5th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I've been in your shoes and know how it feels. Verizon's tech-support and customer service are a joke and a pain to deal with. When I called they either give me the runarounds, try to wash their hands clean or slap fake phone numbers to the supposedly management offices in my face. 4 years ago when their DSL was still infant and sucked huge balls, it forced me to write a letter to their corporate office. I demanded that the problem be solved within 3 days or I will complain to BBB and raise hell at the City Hall. Guess what? Got a reply from a manager within 5 hours and a tech came out the next day, replaced the line into my house, the outside splitter, and the modem. Problem solved.

    And recently, the connection has been slowing down from 3Mbps to 600kbps ~ 900kbps every night start from 7PM ~ 1AM. They refused to even look at this problem because they claimed that all systems show that the lines and servers and nodes are perfectly fine, that it must be something in my house causing the problem. lol?

  • Da
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am having the exact same problem starting about two weeks ago. My DSL cuts out several times a day, sometimes for only a minute or two, sometimes for an hour-and-a-half. When it cuts out the sync light goes off.

    When I call their repair service, they make me fiddle with the wires and restart the modem until it gets sync. The third time I called, they promised to send a lineman and see the thing through. When I called back a few days later to ask why the problem had still not been fixed, they tried to run me through the troubleshooting procedure again.

    I have dry pair DSL. I am wondering if the lack of loop current (since their is no phone service) could be a factor. There was phone service on the line until February when I moved in and ordered dry-pair DSL.

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