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Called verison service 4/21/17 re: slow dsl service after wind storm - timed out log ins and buffering streaming content every 2 minutes. Scheduled inside service for 4/29 (sat) 8-12 noon for inside house access due to inabiity to be off during week. They also said they would send an outside service repair person before that, to check on pole connections. Got text on sun 4/23 (during church service) that the outside services person wanted access to the house (could not do..Did not plan to be home) returned message voice mail that they could look at pole and outside connection ...Was already scheduled for inside appt on 4/29/17. Later 4/23 got text that the issue with internet was "resolved." as of 4/26 still not working. Called verizon service 4/28 to confirm 4/29 appt still on books ..."no, " the ticket was closed out ...Now only 4/29- between 1pm and 5pm available ...Had to cancel an out of town trip . Spoke to supervisor, subu chicukula (yes...Had him spell it) ...That he could do nothing about the repair time (for an appointment verison erroneously closed. ***can now see why people are switching to comcast****

Apr 28, 2017

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