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A Nov 21, 2017

Came home from work on 11/20 and the cable/Internet were out at the house. I tried toubleshooting the problem through the to and nothing worked. We then called verizon and they tried to walk us step by step through fixing the problem. It was determined that the problem was with the verizon box and that a tech would need to look at it. This was 5pm on a Monday night. We were told that a tech was unavailable to come and look till Wed. Between 8-10am. We let them know that this is an inconvenience in that we do side work from home that requires the Internet and that Wed. Morning is a hassle because we would need to take time off from work to be there. We stated that we would be home all night and Tuesday night as well so, if someone could come then that would be great. Again we were told that all techs were busy and the soonest we would be seen could be Wed. My boyfriend stated that he thinks its ridiculous that the tech are out serving the new customers installing cable yet, can't take the time to help existing customers. The supervisor on the phone told him that it's all about the new accounts and he was sorry but, it's the way things "worked". We pay our bills on time and yet because we are not new we have to wait 2 days in order to have a problem we did not cause fixed. Also, when we stated that we were not paying the full bill for the month because we are not receiving the service we pay for they said we would have to wait for the bill to come then call and dispute it. I am completely dissatisfied with verizon. I made a switch a few years ago and may be making another if this is the service we are going to get when there is a problem. Also, I promised the supervisor I spoke with that I would take my experience to social media and I made good on that promise. This way new customers know that once they aren't new anymore that they are going to be irrelevant and their problems will be placed on the back burner.

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