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Verizon / my bad experience

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After a five week ordeal w/techs to try and fix my USB broadband card, I contacted customer service to adjust my bill! Keep in mind that in one day I had 238 min. on one set of calls that dropped 3 times. Now remember you only get credit for ONE min. on dropped calls. This is a direct line to verizon techs [protected]) and [protected]). I was instructed by verizon techs to use these numbers to for calls to continue with the same tech. so I didn't have to start all over again with another (that only happened 7 different times...on *611 ya... you know 20min to connect 20min to explain the problem and then 40min~80min for the new tec. to read out of his/her book of trouble shooting. Not solving the problem.)

Anyway to make long story short, I finely got a tech that was able to fix the problem!!!(Thanks again BELTON, #4601)----replacing the USB720 GO FIGURE. At this time I had in 3wks (40hrs) of my time involved.

Well, now get this, the first replacement (like 80% of verizon employee's) didn't WORK!!!

Because verizon was out of USB720’s (rebuilt) I was giving an UM150.It works fine. (Again the short version) this took 2wks. For the UM150 to find me and my computer.

Most people would have giving up by now and I think that’s what verizon banks on.(I mean BANKS the "noun" as in deposits)

That’s the ground, now comes the insanity. BILLING!!!

First the cell ph., because I went over my minutes using the 866&800 numbers talking w/verizon techs(238min in one day)Per verizon employee’s. This resulted in $20+ on my bill. It took over an hour to *** of my bill. The reason I was given by a verizon supervisor for not being able to *** the charge was "it was my choice to call those numbers (866, 800) instead of *666 woopsssss!!! I mean *611 number. The credit, after some rather intense langue was given.

Now the USB broadband. I was given a 77.6% credit for not being able use the USB720 for over 2 months. The key word "USE». That means when I want to for more than 7min at a time. And not just at curtain times during the day.

Keep in mind I had over 40hrs w/techs and the new UM150 works just fine.

Again I was told by the verizon supervisor “I can’t give you credit for time you used the USB720"

I told her again that 90% of the usage was with a verizon TECH tiring to fix a verizon problem.

What Part of USAGE could she NOT GET!

Thank You corporate America for taking our money and providing such great service!

And remember were not happy until your unhappy.


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