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Verizon / palm treo 700w upgrade

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I tried to upgrade my cellphone to a palm treo 700w. I knew exactly what I wanted but it took an hour to buy a stupid cellphone/pda on my existing verizon family plan.

Part of that time pushing the motorola q. I don't want a motorola q. Then they tell me I don't get the $50 rebate offered on the internet. Oh & I have to transfer to a more expensive cellphone minutes plan on-top-of the the internet/data usage plan.

Think i'm all done when they take my phone to "programming". To supposedly turn-it-on & pair up the bluetooth (Wireless) headset. This they tell me will take 15 mins more for one & 5 for the other. I leave & pick up things at other stores. Come back a half hour later & it isn't done.

A half hour later after this, I have to "re-do" all the paper work. The boss has to help. A half hour after this & they tell me the phone is defective & I have to start over with a new one. Half a day blown (W/2 hour round car trip) and I still don't have a cellphone/pda.

It would be nice to surf the internet (Unlimited) from a handheld device & collect my email besides being a regular cellphone with a small wireless headset. Yea, a little pricey.

Then they tell me that I have to pay a hundred ($100) more to put on my one cell number but not on the other? I say both cellphone numbers are mine on the same bill.

So then they tell me that I can put it on the one number, take it home & pay $20 each to transfer the 3 cell phones around tomorrow? What!!!!!! You want me to take a non-working very expensive toy home & do all the work myself after wasting half a day? This is after the first one you gave me was defective???

I don't think so. Give me my money back. Put my old verizon phones back on line & give me my old plan back with my nys employee discount. Eventually this is (Supposedly) done & I leave grumbling.

(Hadn't slept for 24 hours)

So I drive home & need to make a call. Guess what? My old cellphone doesn't work. Eventually get to a payphone & my wife's cellphone is shut off too. Grrrrrrr...

Get home & spend a half-hour on verizon's voice mail automated system with no human to talk to. Try again later & talk to a very nice lady who puts my phones back on line. Check my internet verizon account later that night & i'm still on the more expensive cell plan that they forced on me for the new pda/cellphone.

Spend another half-hour on the phone. This rep says it's all taken care of. I'm almost afraid to check my verizon internet account on-line again. I think all of verizon's service techs, managers & technical people are following that actor around on tv leaving the business at hand to...?... India?... Pakistan?

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  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
    0 Votes

    Hmm very intersting,I have been a long time customer of this company since 1993 when they were NYNEX MOBILE.I never had any issues with upgrading billing or any major equipment issue.I had 1 issue back in 2002 when i couldn't delete and old voice mail but that issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes.The people at the verizon store (salem NH) are very nice and helpful.I upgraded my phone back in May and the transition was NO LESS than perfect.

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