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Vehicle Loan Through Wells Fargo / vehicle loan

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Almost two years ago my husband and I purchased a new used car... We were financed through wells fargo... What a nightmare this has become. Almost as soon as we got the car home we started recieving harrassing phone calls five to nine times a day starting at 7a. M. Lasting untill about 9p. M.
According to wells fargo we never had proper insurance coverage on the car... We've had our insurance company fax proof about fifty times... And us ourselves have faxed proof about 100 times. Somehow they never seem to have them... They just randomly dissapear into thin air.
Wells fargo added balboa to our car payment... Without ever making us aware of this... There fore our car payment was raised... Since we never recieve statements in the mail (We have called numerous times to request statements) weve only paid what we thought our car payment was for two years now.
About a week ago to make a long nightmare short... I woke up to find that my car had been repossed for pasts due payments... Mind you we have never been late on our car payment. So here we are carless and fighting with the most rude people in the world to get our car back... Something that apparently is going to cost us a small fortune. For some damn mistake that they made.
Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • Do
      28th of Oct, 2007
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    I can not stand these critters at wells fargo. I admit I have been late on car payment, but never over 2 weeks. I called Wells Fargo and told them that I would be late, and the day after it was due, I received a call from collections. I explained that my payment was due yesterday, but would be paid in two weeks, 9 calls later and telling my story 9 times more, and it continues between 7-11 times per day for the last 12 days. 800-565-2310. I am seeking legal advise to stop the harassment. I am up to 89 calls now!!!

  • Ja
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I had to call them to find out when and where to even make my first payment. It was due the next day and I sent it immediately. It will be paid off next week, as I will NOT deal with their rude employees calling me all the time. There is nothing their calls can do to make the check arrive any sooner. They have even called my employer without my knowledge or permission. Never again will I ever do any kind of business withWells Fargo and I wil surely tell everyone I can about this experience and these sites that list the complaints about this company.

  • Js
      8th of Apr, 2008
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    This mother [censored]ent;^ing company is the REASON the Do Not Call list was invented!

    Yet filing a report there does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I must have filed around 50 or 60 now for this company, each and every time they call I report it, and the calls still just keep coming.

    I installed a caller ID zapper on my computer just for this friggin company and it has been hangin up automatically on them after 1 ring for almost 2 solid months now, and they STILL don't take the hint! Look, here is just a sample of what I have to put up with (this is as big as I could make the screen for the screenshot. It is the log of calls from the program I mention):

    No one on this household has any business with this Wells Fargo Company. I'm seriously considering hiring a lawyer. There has to be some way of suing this place for harassment.

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