Vayamaopaque business practices, unnecessary service

We bought two airline tickets to Spain VUS-7417883 through Vayama in September. We had no idea the tickets were non-refundable until weeks after purchase when we had to email Vayama. Vayama basically has no available customer service. In an obvious attempt to keep costs at a minimum, they only email. We were forced to buy Vayama's insurance policy, which is provided by AIG travel insurance (also something we didn't find out about until after purchase). Unfortunately, we had to cancel our tickets and Vayama was absolutely no help at all (tough luck was their attitude). We've now spent three months trying to recover our money through AIG. Basically, our purchase was completely opaque. No information about the purchase is provided up front by Vayama. If we had bought our tickets directly through an airline, we would know exactly what we were purchasing. From my experience, Vayama is a scam. They take your money and provide no real benefit.

Nov 28, 2018

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