Vanderbilt Mortgage / collect debt after bankruptcy

United States

I bankrupt 7 years ago on a account with Vanderbilt, BUT I STILL SEND IN MY PAYMENTS ON TIME ALL THEM YEARS...YEAP!!! 7 YEARS.I didnt know or how my bankruptcy got handled.And could NOT get the attorney to call me back he no longer do bankruptcy cases, so last week I spoke to another/new attorney he looked up my bankruptcy case, he told me that I was NOT RESONABLE FOR THE ACCOUNT so i stopped making payments now, I'm getting calls every day from Vanderbilt Mortgage, I have already told them to stop calling me. NOW I LIKE TO KNOW WHERE IS ALL MY MONEY AT? I ALSO BEEN PAYING LOT RENT FOR YEARS...THIS COMPANY SUCKS BIG TIME...TAKE CALLING FOOLS I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU...

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