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The website sold us a product that they didn't deliver. They advertised a "resort with and indoor water park, two outdoor pools, an arcade and continental breakfast for &150.00 per night. The hotel was sub-par. The hotel pool water was dirty and stunk. The "indoor water park" cost an additional $18.95 per person. The room was small and beat up looking; the elevator was scary. We stayed long enough to know we weren't staying there, about 5 hours which included check-in, dropping bags and dining out...The vacation package was $645.00 They refused to give our money back but sent a gift card for $300.01 and said we'll call it even. We DID NOT spend a night in that hotel...

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      Mar 12, 2012

    If you read the terms of sale, it is clearly stated that they refund by gift certificate only. Minus a fee of $100. And cancellations must be made before the 48 hour time frame. It sounds to me they were more than fair by giving you the gift certificate, since it does go against the cancellation policy.

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  • Me
      Apr 05, 2012

    I booked my vacation with them last year and a few hours before we left our house they called to tell us that they over booked our hotel that we were to be staying in. They then proceed to ask what other hotel would we like so we went back on the site and choose another hotel and they said it was good to go. We then got anoter call saying that hotel was al booked up too, we ended up staying at Econo lodge and it was horrible. The room stunk and was very dated. The worse experience and what really sucked was this was me and my husbands first vacation together.

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  • Bl
      Aug 24, 2012

    Do not use them -they didn't let me cancel tickets at all even though I thought they were only reserved not bought.

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  • Dr
      Dec 24, 2012

    This is a warning for everyone that may try to use Vacationsmadeeasy website for booking vacations etc. I have recently booked a 2 night stay at a hotel thinking that I was booking directly through hotel's website. Unfortunately I failed to read terms of sale which is a fine print at the bottom of page. I realized that I paid more than what I would have paid through hotel's website. I then tried to get my money back within an hour of realizing but was told that they would only give me credit for future purposes. They are basically using your money and forcing you to use their services. This is an absolute scam and they should not be allowed to operate. All I wanted is to get my money creditted back to my credit card. I would highly recommend consumers not to use this website or at least read the fine print.
    Extremely upset consumer

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  • Rr
      Jun 03, 2016 - Hotel Refund
    2101 W. Chesterfield Blvd
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    I booked a hotel room in portland, oregon thru We checked in and the room had Feces and Nasal Discharge on the wall, black mold, missing smoke detector, hole in the wall etc. The hotel could not move us to another room and they couldn't refund us because our reservation was thru I called NO REFUNDS, They apparently are ok with people staying in rooms like this. How about being an ethical company and doing the right thing? You will actually build more clientele this way!!!

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