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USPS / awful service

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Bare with this one – it’s been dragged out by USPS personnel giving bad information, lying and just providing bad service.

August 14th, submitted change of address online using an address provided by my landlord which was provided by the sales office of the newly opened building. We will call it “1240 Street”. The online system accepted the change, assigned a zip+4 code, and charged me the $1 fee. A week later I received a USPS Change of Address Confirmation at my new residence and addressed to the “1240 Street”. At that time, since delivery was confirmed, I proceeded to change my address with all companies I do business with.

I did not receive mail at my old or new address for 2 weeks. I called several times (1-800 # and local office) and was told to keep waiting. I finally went to the Post Office in person at which time I am told it was an incorrect address – even though I received the confirmation printed on an official USPS form and delivered by USPS personnel. (NOTE: Since the building is new, there were a couple of addresses used during and after construction. Both are valid in the national system but the local level refuses to deliver mail addressed to the “1240 Street” unless it’s the confirmation.) To correct this, I was advised by the window clerk and the supervisor to put in a correction from the old address AND submit a new change of address to go from “1240 Street” to the corrected “1200 Street” so I would receive any mail already sent to the latter. I had to do this twice that week, each time being advised the same. There was a large package, 2 checks and my son’s Social Security Card already sent to the “1240 Street”.

At this point I thought all was resolved and I would get these items. Oh foolish me…I did not receive these items for 2 weeks. I sent a letter to many offices, including Postmaster General, at USPS Headquarters at which time they sent it to the local office to handle. I tested it out by sending a postcard to myself at the “1240 Street” address to see if it would get that yellow sticker and forwarded. I even mailed it from the blue bin outside of their post office.

After another 2 weeks of not getting even the postcard, I went to back to talk to them. This time I was told that any mail addressed to “1240 Street” would not be delivered OR forwarded. It would be returned to sender. This was 4 weeks now and none of the items were returned to sender, including the social security card. Since they had confirmed the “1240 Street” address and incorrectly advised me to put in the last change of address, I was able to get them to promise they would deliver the large package since it was an item I could not replace without substantial cost.

Again, foolish me. The package was returned that weekend and could not be intercepted. I called to file a complaint with the USPS customer service. I think the lady who took the report was the only courteous and sympathetic person working for the USPS. She filed it, elevated it past the local level and said someone would call in 24 hours – if not, call back. I had to call back and was told it was being investigated.

In the meantime, the local office called to tell me the package was returned, (oh really?), but they would provide me a letter to say it was erroneously returned so that the sender could take that to their post office and have the package immediately sent back with no cost to them. I was also told they could send it at a faster rate and claim the difference in cost. I reluctantly agreed but had faith they would follow through this time. Again, foolish me.

I finally got this so called letter and it did not say anything as discussed, only that the 1240 address was wrong and I was misadvised – no mention of resending the package at no cost to sender. I called the “1-800” number again to try to get someone from Headquarters. The not so nice person this time said they would not – only send me right back to where the problem was. I was told the complaint report was closed as resolved even though I had not received the letter nor the package. No resolution was filed but the not so nice “1-800” person and her not so nice supervisor said that the resolution was that I got my mail. WRONG!

Issue still ongoing, sender has not received “erroneously returned” package, no calls are being returned from the USPS and I’m out $1, 000 with the possibility of identify theft from the undelivered and unreturned Social Security card. USPS continuously made mistakes and has not taken responsibility by following through. Any tips on who to contact now for action?

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  • Lu
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    I order an item from a vendor and they emailed me on 01/27/2009 stating that they had shipped the item. 01/31/2009 comes and the postman doesn't even bother to ring the doorbell, he doesn't even drop off a slip for it. I work a ton of hours so my free time is very limited so when I say I expect something to be delivered on a specific date, then I expect to get what I requested. I didn't know this delivery attempt had even been made yet since there was no slip so I thought that the package was just slowly being delivered.

    On 02/03/2009, the postman drops off the regular mail and doesn't even ring the doorbell AGAIN and this time leaves an orange slip. Well, three of us were home so any of us would of heard it and none of us did and trust me, that doorbell is loud. Due to the post office having limited hours of only being open M-F 8-5 and SAT 8-2, I was limited as to when I could go to the post office to pick up this item. So I called the automated system and scheduled for a redelivery for the next day, no problem right? WRONG!!!

    So I went the first chance I could, which was on 02/07/2009. Of course they never have enough counter staff so you wait forever and a day just to be seen, before I handed her the slip I asked her when they stopped doing second delivery attempts and she told me that nine times out of ten they do not even get the redelivery requests from the automated system!? Then why print it on the card then!!!So I hand her the card and she is gone for several minutes before returning and she states 'we can't find this item, but my supervisor said that she put something on the cart for 2nd delivery attempt today but I do not know what'.

    At this point, I didn't know that the second delivery attempt was on 02/04/2009, I thought that that was just the first. Well little did I know, after I log onto and check the status of the package and found out that it was the second attempt and that they had already sent it back to the vendor!? So because of their laziness and ignorance my package is back at the vendor and I got ripped off and lied to. Now here is what really got me, the website said that I was unavailable to delivery on the 01/31/2009, thats news to me! For 02/04/2009 it said insufficient address!?

    So let me get this straight, the address was sufficient on the first attempt but he didn't want to ring the doorbell because that would of meant that he would of had to carry this package and god knows government workers hate to actually earn their keep in society the honest way, so he just decides to take the easy route and leave the package in his truck most likely. But the second time, my address was insufficient? Can we say falsifying federal documents???

    They never attempted to deliver the package, so that is one federal document falsified, and they oddly said that the address is insufficient magically come the second delivery, thats falsifying a second document. Someone really just needs to sue the USPS and teach them a lesson is customer service! Long story short, I never got the package and I never get reimbursed for shipping!? RIP OFF!!!

  • Ed
      7th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went into the branch office of the Hayward California USPS on Hersperian and hwy 92. I waited while the three filipinos got done jabberin in tagalog and decided to wait on me. I go into the Dusterberry Office in Fremont California and everyone is a very broken english speaking clerk. This is America and there is no 'Americans working there. I dont care what language you speak, but in my post office run by my government, speak english!!!

  • An
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Today the mailman didn't pick up my mail or deliver my mail because there was a car in front of my mailbox. The street in front of my house is a public road. There is nothing to keep someone from parking there. I think there should be a law against holding my mail or not picking up the letters to be sent as long as the flag is up. I would appreciate your input on this. not the first time.

    Also some of my neighbors. By the way, it is not my car in the way. I park in the driveway.

  • Cu
      23rd of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It is like this everywhere. Yell at your neighbors.

  • Ma
      18th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have ordered 2 items online to be delivered to thru USPS. Neither of which I ever received. They were unable to tell where the product was and both seem to be lost after being received in ATL, GA. My grandmother also never had her medication delivered when it was shipped from FL. Also lost in ATL, GA!!! WTF????? They need a better system. From now on, I will require that anyone ships to me use UPS or FedEX. I have never had this problem from them.

  • Bh
      9th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    This EXACT same thing just happened to me. I am in Nashville, TN and I moved on 9/15/10. Filed my change of address online at AND was charged the $1.

    I received my change of address confirmation in the MAIL BOX but have not gotten any mail.

    This has been going on for almost 3 months.

    Today the post office (800 # and local office) tell me they have no record of my change of address.


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