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UseNeXT / unauthorized payment

1 Munich, United Kingdom
Contact information:

They are trying to collect payment from me which i never had services with them and i have sent them letters, emails about this more then 3 times to ask them nicely to stop and sent them the details they asked, but they are failing to comply.

i am contacting my local authorities and my fbi offices to report this as fraud and criminal charges will be brought if they decide not to cease action. they are messing up my credit report cause of something i didn't sign up for.

  • Updated by Xensor, Dec 29, 2016

    They wish to sue me. this is funny. Usenext you wish to leave me alone and just make my bill as a lost. When i am done with you, your gonna be paying me. I am in the United States. You may wanna find our laws before you try it. I have so many laws protecting me. Considering I never signed up. it automatically made me unreliable for your lost. It also makes me not required to comply with anything you demand. So i suggest you learn real quick, i plan on making sure everyone knows what your plans are. I will be sharing the email as well as the other emails i sent that you said i never sent.

    unauthorized payment
    unauthorized payment
  • Updated by Xensor, Jan 04, 2017

    Still no reply. Aw how sad. Specially since they wish to threaten me with a lawsuit. Sad part is, they will have to face me in the courts of The United States. They will not win. I already been talking to my lawyer and a attorney. They both said this company is just wasting money. if they want to do that, at least waste it in a good way. They could be paying me for wasting my time with their bull####.

    UseNext, I am not like the others you try to forcing into paying you. I fight back. I love fighting big corporations. I fought paypal, swagbucks (prodege, llc). I won both. I will win this one to. you have a 10% of winning against me. i have 90% of winning against you. Those odds are not in your favor. Your best bet is to do as i requested.

    I have given you a formal cease of action that included: cease the letters for collections of payment for something i did not sign up for and to remove my information. You have failed. That is a privacy law broken in the europe and united States. In the united States you can face a charge up to min 5k and 15k max. You can also face jailtime for that in the united states. I know europe is strict on that to as well. Is it not funny how i happen to know my laws.

    its not hard tho. I work around police officers and attorneys. I can ask any question about laws and such as i wish. They enjoy helping me out.

    Your attorney does not even know that he is setting you and him/herself up for failure. If your attorney really knew the U.S laws. He/She would of told you to remove my info and forget this whole mess. That you will lose. But i forgot, you think cause you have money, you would win. it be a civil case also. Meaning a attorney would be even more useless.

    Bye Bye usenext. I will enjoy waiting for a reply. Which i know, you won't even follow through with your threat.

  • Updated by Xensor, Jan 13, 2017

    so now they are turning to giving fake contact information.

    UseNext please. Give it up with me. Your not gonna win. I will bury you if you do not stop with me. I already been digging. I got some fun intel that would be bad to use against you. Including evidence of past cases of you doing what you are trying to do with me. You wish you could be good. But you have no legal grounds in the United States. So I really suggest removing everything about me and act like I never existed.

    Still nothing from your attorney, which been over a week. Which means you are not even doing anything. If you do not cease action and cease letters, I will send a lenghty letter to you about what actions I will take.

Nov 10, 2016

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