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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 43 - The answers I got were not helpful.

I was charged 46 dollar and they won't stop messing me. The answers I got were not helpful and I would not recommend these services if it's regarding your cellphone. I asked a question online and was sent to this portal and it said answers for 1 dollar. It's a lie I was charged 1$ then 46 dollars after receiving nothing but useless banter. I want my 46 dollars back or I'm going to call the authories.

Desired outcome: I want my money back

Dec 29, 2021 - Subscription scam

Without notifying me 4 months of charges on a service I thought I had cancelled before the week was up. It was complete theft. August-December 2021 stole $139.80. I have 3 kids and am far from wealthy. They wouldn't even refund one month even though when I finally found out and within 24 hours of charge against my account I contacted them and requested at least refund the month. Outright scam that should not be allowed to exist in this day and age.

Desired outcome: Refund and notifying people if and when you charging for a subscription!

Dec 21, 2021 - Subscription

Just had trial membership for a week. I tried it for a week and thought I had cancelled it . I got no notifications of continued membership or charges. What they continued to do is charge me 34.95 at different times of the month so less likely to notice bogus charges. From August till December I was charged this for a total of $139.80 of not used subscription. We caught the last charge and called within 24 hours to notify that we didn't want or use this service and they would not refund us even the last month which we hadn't or would not use. Clearly a scam no notifications of charges and thought I had cancelled this is what really gets me.

Desired outcome: Refund and them to send notifications of charges at least

Dec 21, 2021

Theft and no notifications. Claimed didn't cancel


I was lead to believe that it was a tech support site for my Babylock sewing machine. I was puzzled that they ask for my credit card but entered it thinking this was something new for them. It was not until I received an email that I realized my mistake. I contacted them and said I wanted to cancel and why. I contacted them over the computer and explained my situation. The support person that was answering me said she would transfer me to her supervisor. The supervisor came on long enough to cut me off and ended the communication. I completed a form with my complaint and still no response. Total rip off.

Desired outcome: Would like my money refunded.

Dec 10, 2021 - Marketing services


We have connected earlier with Just Ask parker. we have given work to this platform and still they were not able to deliver their services on time. They have delayed a lot and their services and working style very very disappointed.

Now we are requesting them to refund our money but they are denying and making excuse.

Please help us on this

Desired outcome: [email protected] - service cancellation and being charged anyway

12/04/21 I needed to confer with a vet. I chatted momentarily with one, but as she couldn't do a phone conversation, I was to be connected to one who could. After waiting 30 minutes with no response from anyone I cancelled the member ship that same night. got email confirmation of cancellation. Was charged for membership and also for the vet that call 5 hours later (4 am). Talked to customer supervisor but since I can't type as fast as them, they discontinued conversation since I didn't respond. I was still reading the very poorly written response from them.

Desired outcome: refund of $31 for the membership - Hidden Fees of $46.00

Went to just for help with a legal question. Saw that I could get a trial membership for $1. Agreed to the trial membership for $1, gave credit card information. Was directed to a check a terms of agreement page. I'm attaching a photo of what I got. No terms of agreement, but an error message. If the $46 was mentioned there, I could not see it because it was not available. I'm very upset about this. C3 attached screenshots. Especially the one showing that the terms of the agreement can't be seen due to the error message. Or to the error itself.

Asked a question, received a somewhat vague response. Agreed to a $20 tip for the attorney that I asked the question of. Looked at my checking account within a few moments, and saw an additional $46 fee. Contacted my bank, reported it as fraud. Immediately canceled my credit card to prevent further billing. Then called the company, and was told that the $46 fee was my membership fee for one month, and that it would not be refunded. I explained that I never saw anything about a $46 fee, only a $1 trial fee. She still told me the fee would not be refunded. This is not how you do business. I canceled my membership, so I won't even get the rest of the month for the $46. Very unhappy with this company. Very unscrupulous. Bait and switch. Classic.

Desired outcome: Return my$46.00 hidden fee! - unauthorized credit card charge/unethical behavior

After experiencing computer problems for weeks, I went searching for answers online. I was on a Windows site (I think) and this Just Ask pop-up appeared and instructed to click here. I was not aware that this was taking me to another site. It offered a trial for $1.00 so I thought that was okay, but when it took me to a Honda technician...I was hey wait, this is not what I need and the guy kept ignoring me. I told him forget it, I accidently got on this site and I need computer assistance not car maintenance. I asked that he disregard my call because he could not help me. He was rude and kept insisting that I give him more information. I told him that I did not understand that Just Ask was not related to windows site that I was on initially and to plz disregard my mistake and not to charge my card as I had decided to just call Dell for help. I wish he had not been so insistent to get information from me, he would not listen to what I was saying to him so I then closed out of conversation. I tried to follow-up on this later but I have been having internet problems and unable to get online. I apologize for my ignorance in this matter and hope that you will please refund the $50.00 that charged me on 08/30/2021.

Desired outcome: Credit card refund of $50.00

Aug 11, 2021 - Scam to charge you $45

I asked a question for which I agreed to be charged $5. I never agreed to offer of a "free" membership. A week later I got charged $45. When I contacted them to complain I was informed that apparently if you ask a question you get the "free" membership whether you want it or not and it turns into a permanent membership (presumably with a charge of $45) after seven days. This is a complete scam. Don't use them unless you like to pay someone $45 for NOTHING because they will not reimburse the money, they simply cancel your subscription. So you end up paying $50 for your question. Nice little scheme, huh? - Just ask

the original site says ask a question for $1.00. i am now being charged a membership fee of $60.00, i did not want a membership. now i can only talk to people who can't help me and won't transfer me...

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D - unauthorized debit card charges

My question was never answered. I am a simple disabled Veteran. Your company is a scam that picks on poor people like me. I was informed that you could answer a simple question. I gave you my debit card information.
You took advantage of me. I am on a limited social security. If you do not refund the money, I won' t be able to put food on my table the rest of the month. I am going to have to contact my case worker and ask her to settle this impropriety. Please refund this money so I can eat!

Desired outcome: full refund to my debit card.

Jun 06, 2021 - I am complaining about a membership fee Just Ask is trying to charge to my credit card. I never signed up for their membership.

About 2 months ago I a question, which was suppose to be free. Last month my credit card they charged $50.00 to my credit car account. My Credit Card contacted me and sent me a new credit card with a new #. Today the credit card company contacted me and told my Just Ask was charging another $50.00. to my account. I wonder how they got my new card #. I called Just Ask & they told me they sent me an E-mail saying that I had a trial Membership. I don't think I got that E-Mail and that I did not let them know I owed them a membership fee. Since I never saw the E-Mail & I did not let them know I was not interested in being a member I still needed to pay the $50.00.

Desired outcome: I should not have to pay this fee. I feel like this is a scam!

May 15, 2021 - Just ask website

April 10th: Went on Just Ask's Website, which was offering a $5 for one week service. Had a question about my car which was not Cranking/Starting.
Was given misleading information and was told to order various parts and tools.
After 7 days was charged $34 for the month.
It is now May 14th, after spending $203 my car still does no crank/start. Can not state that they intentionally delay by giving contradicting instructions. However, I can state that after spending $203 I still have a car that will not crank or start and will still need to pay more for diagnostic testing, which may at least let me know what may actually be wrong. Their Customer Service Dept seems to be run by a generic/robotic switchboard, not an actual person from what I could tell. - None

Hi, my name is Marie. I was charged over $300 for services never rendered and when I "chatted" with an assoc. we were constantly disconnected and I would have to start all over again until the fourth time when they asked me for a $1 to speak to someone. I was not about to give them my cc info again!
I can be reached at [protected] for any further questions.

Desired outcome: full refund

S - Just Ask


This appears to be a ripoff and I want no part of it. You CANNOT cancel online.


Please confirm in an email.

Thank you,

Desired outcome: Close $1 trial before you bill my card and I have to contest.

Apr 10, 2021 - Charged for nothing. Customer service hung up on me

I asked for an art appraisal which I never received. But they had no problem charging my card. I called customer service tried to explain my situation and I kept being referred back to the website but because of there virtual assistant I could not get to the sign in. He kept insisting that the problem was I needed to view the website on a full computer. That wasn't an issue in the beginning when they took my card and charged my account. These people are thieves not "experts" as advertised.
My conversation was yesterday, April 9, 2021. I requested a full refund which was denied. They Said they would cancel any "membership", but I don't trust them at all

Desired outcome: Refund

P - refund unable to access site to contact them

i have contacted the company and my bank and they refunded me for the months but i was wanting them to go back to when they first started taking from my account. but i was shut from the account i had been able to access just within this past month. they won't even acknowledge my e-mail. i need to contact them because i can't afford $46 monthly for something i never used and hadn't signed up.

Desired outcome: refund or my money or at least be able to contact them - cancelation/billing

I signed up for justask last summer, only for the trial week and then cancelled the service. Recently, I went back to your site and tried to sign up once more only to be told that I am still a member and didnt have to pay again. I asked repeatedly if I've been charged this entire time even after I cancelled and recieved an e-mail stating this? I was then redirected to the payment page each time and was sent a message asking when I was going to complete my application andprovide my credit card #. In my reply I said I will not until I get an answer regarding if or if not I'd been charged all this time. I got the run around and no reply.

Desired outcome: Provide me with my account activity and length of payments, if any, I was charged for. If I had been charged, I want the full amount refunded immediatly. -

I was questioning about my parakeets and haven't got a response. The assistants keep leaving the conversation. Now I may have lost the page I was originally conversing on. When I try to search for "" "" comes up instead. The widget says "Just ask a question." It was originally supposed to be $5. They charged me $29 and I still did not get an answer from a vet so I want my money back! Jennifer Alex

Desired outcome: $29 back and cancel membership

A - Just ask mechanic

So I used this one time. The same day I tried to cancel because my question wasn't even answered. The person I was messaging sent me a link that did not provide me with an answer at all.So now they have charged my card 50 dollars that shouldn't have been charged for. I want a refund of my 50 dollars and to be removed from this immediately. Cancel any membership!

Adrienne Hall

Desired outcome: Refund and removed all together

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