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Spokeo / spk*spokeo search not authorized to charge my account. cancel immediately

Jun 02, 2019

Hello I'm reporting fraud charge on my Sun County CC ending numbers 2650. Reference with my name and I'm sure you can verify my account. Also feel free to contact me on my mobile phone to discuss further if needed. It appears that for the past ~ 16 months this company SPK*SPOKEO SEARCH has been...

[Resolved] Spokeo / people search

May 09, 2019

On may8/2019 I have Spoken a trial search to try to find a longtime friend. The cost of trial was to be .95c. They charged me .95c and $2.63. I know it's not much compared to other scammed people but it adds up. I cancelled trial within minutes because it's worthless and I would...

[Resolved] Spokeo / the search program

May 05, 2019

The website charged me 6 dollars or so to search one thing and i just found out that I was charged 24.95 and I didnt know that I was going to be charged for that and it didn't even help me! I'm not happy with this charge. :( I am unhappy because I am a broke college student and need all...

[Resolved] Spokeo / cancelled subscription

Apr 07, 2019

I cancelled my subscription that i never new i authorized it for just .95 for a day. When i saw that spokeo charged me $24.95 i immediatly stopped the subscription while taking to customer care. But i was told i would be refunded $10.00 I want the full refund because i did cancel it before...

[Resolved] Spokeo / scamming and unauthorized charges to my card

Mar 22, 2019

Used the service one time and knew I was being charged $.95. Did not realize that getting on a site one day for $.95 would charge me for a $25 subscription that I did not even use after that first initial time. Absolute ripoff and the service was not even worth my time. Spokeo continued to...

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized cc charges for ages

Mar 04, 2019

I have been paying 19.90$ for months and months, and yet I had cancelled the research, just about straight away after using the service for one dollar US. I have just bumped into the fee, because I decided to look into my expenses C Card number ending 460 from France, and under the name...

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized credit card charges

Mar 03, 2019

Hello, I am writing to complain about being charged for $24.95 after a 7 day trial of the name search option. I literally haven't been able to log in and use this service. Every single time I try it said there was a connection time-out and to reload my request. I literally have not...

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized charges

Feb 05, 2019

I do not recall ever visiting the Spokeo cite, however, I found on a bank statement that I was charged $20 for spookeo. I googled spokeo and called them. I inquired about the charge and was told several months prior I had used their cite to look up a phone number. I disputed using their...

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized charges on my card

Jan 03, 2019

I agreed on charging something like a dollar this one time on December and now I check my account and find out SPK Spokeo is charging me for something I didnt agree for like $25 and I haven't even been on their website since that one time. I never Ever agreed on automatic payments or...

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 09, 2018

On November 11, 2018 I called and canceled a"Service" for Flogames (whatever that might be). The cancellation reference number is 86738688. Unfortunately I do not check credit card activity very often--I was paying $19.95 a month since November 2016. Whatever Flogames might be I have never used...

[Resolved] Spokeo / spokeo

Nov 09, 2018

I realized that I was being charged 19.95 monthly for a service I never used. At first they couldn't even find my account and told me I had no account with them with the bank info they were taking money with each month. I was only offered less then a 10% refund for the amount they took...

[Resolved] Spokeo / .95 one time charge turned into $19.99 reoccurring charge?

Oct 30, 2018

I used spokeo to confirm an address I wrote down incorrectly, a one time charge of .95 is what I paid for. I used it one time and upon reviewing my debit charges noticed a $19.99 reoccurring charge! I called and Asia was very nice on the phone but refused to credit me my $19.99. After...

[Resolved] Spokeo / phone number look up

Oct 06, 2018

this site is awful. they claim to be open 24 hours yet never seem to answer my calls. i used their services ONCE and got no results, except for the information the caller ID already gave me. and now i see they have been billing me $25 a month??? not what i signed up for. i demand my money back. save yourself the stress and headache, never use this site.

[Resolved] Spokeo / charging my account for years for service I did not ask for

Sep 14, 2018

I pay my credit card on-line and have paperless billing. I just happened to look at recent transactions this month and noticed Spokeo has been charging me, not once, but TWICE a month for at least a year and half. One time for $9.97 and a few days later for $19.97. EVERY MONTH!!! I never...

[Resolved] Spokeo / ‘truthfinder.

Jul 09, 2018

Good day, Whilst I employed Spokeo for a few months and it was good thank you but I have tried to cancel my account on a few occasions now months shin but still you are making withdrawals. My Ac numbers: $13.36 24906418175 $18.93 24906418173 Please reimburse for the past three months and...

[Resolved] Spokeo / stolen card and laptop

Jul 08, 2018

My card and laptop was stolen and I believe they have made a payment to spikeo? This was not me, I did not give permission and I would like my money back? As I said I did not give permission, and I will ask my bank too, as I have ordered a new card, they must of tried spokeo to see if...

[Resolved] Spokeo / I am complaining about the lack of factual statistics that you try to charge people money to get information that is wrong misleading or in accurate

Jun 25, 2018

Obviously you are a large business of california but do you need to make $.95 to give someone a yellow page phone number and name? Your ad says all of these shocking records will be pulled up and all I need to do is give you $.95. You're freaking [censored] and not even a mediocre internet...

[Resolved] Spokeo / spam

Dec 21, 2017

Will ever Spokeo leave me alone or not? I never wanted to use their service, moreover, I never subscribed to them, because I had no idea about this service, however, somehow I was subscribed and now I get their emails every day stating they have some information about me; emails usually...

[Resolved] Spokeo / cancellation of service no longer wanted

Dec 20, 2017

I am offering this e-mail communication as my official request to end this service.I have instructed my credit card company to withhold further payment to you for such service.I will also forward a copy of this communique to them for their records.I am hopeful that your company will reply...

[Resolved] Spk Spokeo / unauthorized credit card charges

May 14, 2017

I went on the spk spokeo site and it said I had to prove I was 18 and they asked me for my credit card information to prove that I was over the age of 18 to let me on there site so I gave them my credit card details and got on the site I was on the site for not even 5 miniutes becase I did...

[Resolved] Spokeo / membership

Apr 03, 2017

Date: 4/2/2017 Spokeo flagged my account as being in violation of their TOS, then banned me for life, all because I answered a survey question in 3 seconds without understanding it was a lifetime binding contract. Upon logging in, I presented with what I interpreted as a survey, and...

[Resolved] / subscription scam

Dec 31, 2016

I required the cellphone number of an associate in an emergency situation, so I resorted to Their site offered various "introductory" programs so I selected "One Month of Service for $4.95". When I clicked to proceed, the resulting page offered only 6 months for $29.70. I...

[Resolved] Spokeo / subscription service for 6 month packages

Dec 29, 2016

Suscribed on Dec 26, and called DEc 29 to cancel since I did not find useful information. I asked for a 5 month reimbursement from a 6 month subscription Account Number: 99898482. They charged me $47.90 for 3 days use; and said it is a one time charge only, no partial reimbursements. I...

[Resolved] Spokeo / premium account

Apr 13, 2016

Joined the site and decided to subscribe. At first there was one price, but in the end they took more! Contacted Spokeo customer service and asked what was going on. They said that they gave me a premium account and that was why there was a price difference. Then I asked them why did they...

[Resolved] Spokeo / spokeo will indeed sell your deleted info

Feb 28, 2016

I too believe that Spokeo will sell your personal info that you thought you had removed. I have been trying for almost a month to have my info removed so people can't buy a report about me. Each time I contact customer care (at either [email protected] or [email protected]) or reply, I...

[Resolved] Spokeo / this site will sell your info even though you think it has been removed

Feb 07, 2016

I thought I had removed my info from Spokeo so that it wouldn't be available to the public. Well, I was completely fooled. When I searched for my name on Spokeo, I got a no results found page. However, when I did a Google search for my name, one of the ads in the search results took me to...

[Resolved] Spokeo / beware of spokeo's fees!

Jan 13, 2016

I don't understand anything about the fees on this site. A free search will show you some information, but all the details will be blocked. If you want to see more you need to subscribe for 6 months at a rate like $4.95 a month. After 6 month you will get a "Platinum" subscription for...

[Resolved] Spokeo / email search is a total scam

Sep 25, 2015

I keep seeing these advertisement for Spokeo... find what you're looking for. Their ad and home page says they use deep web technology to find people. That's a load of crap. I wasn't looking for anyone in particular so i thought I'd start with an email address that I...

Spokeo / an information service I was billed for without wanting or accepting...

Sep 19, 2015

When my complaint was registered they immediately returned my money... I still think it was a bit of a scam because it was not easy to communicate to them that I did not want their service, but to be fair, they did pay the money back; so good for them; and no harm, no foul... I am at peace...

[Resolved] Spokeo / I tried out their service, and before I even left the site, I demanded a cancellation.

Sep 16, 2015

I tried their service, found it useless, tried to cancel it, got no response, left a message in contacts, and thought the problem was resolved only to find out that I am being charged for a service that I have not used and was worthless... My charge card will quit paying this, and if they...

[Resolved] / hidden billing

Sep 09, 2015

Spokeo makes it non transparent as to account status. I have attempted to close account do to spokeo not living up to my needs. I still got billed again. There is no way to look at account status or apparently to stop billing. I had to inform my bank that any spokeo related charges are not...

[Resolved] Spokeo / took money off the credit card without permission or agreement of purchase

Jul 06, 2015

I had not approved any purchase item for any amounts taken from my account last month 6/30 and the 7/6 2015.I do not appreciate anyone taking from my family. I want my money returned to my card.Julie Mahle.i do not agree to a purchase and I do not want whatever it is they want to sell.

[Resolved] Spokeo / unauthorized billing

May 14, 2015

In order to find address information on someone I had lost contact with, I paid Spokeo $.95 for a trial membership. Upon discovering that their information was not up to date, I immediately canceled my "membership." I was then charged $19.95 8 days later for a one month membership. When I called to get a refund, they refused.

[Resolved] Spokeo / refund, cancell membership today 30 days later by credit card

Apr 30, 2015

My name is patricia younger, visa card number 9959 account number 94873541, puchase date for all acounts today 4/30/15 I want a credit for $1. 95, patricia younger, [email protected], 7550 granada blvd, miramar, fl 33023. Subscription is free the document saysfor fiirst 30 days so...

[Resolved] Spokeo / billing

Nov 04, 2014

I signed up for this service because I wanted to locate my ex-husband who is $70, 000 behind on child support for our 3 kids. I signed up to pay for a service that just took me to links to pay for more services that didn't work. I cancelled the service and I am continuing to be charged which...

[Resolved] Spokeo / scam

Apr 06, 2014

Spokeo gives some more information than Instant Checkmate BUT still expect more money for more info. When I went to cancel the $1 trial, they claimed that they did not have such a trial but something called bizshark from their site did. They offered to cancel the bizshark but refused to...

Spokeo / useless.

Dec 19, 2013

Do not conduct business with this company. My credit card was processed immediately for a very, very basic report. When i read that i was "good to go", i returned to the search page and the information was the same. Nothing was "upgraded'. When i emailed a rep her reply wa...

[Resolved] Spokeo / bogus

Dec 19, 2013

I paid to see some very simple info about someone using my address. After I paid a little more I was supposed to see more details. I was "good to go" according to the message after my credit card was processed. I returned to the same page with the same info! I emailed a "Spokeo" rep who...

[Resolved] Spokeo / charging after cancellation

Jun 06, 2013

cancelled subscription and have been charged 2 months straight afterwards. be sure to watch your credit card statements after cancellation odds are they are still charging you.

[Resolved] / this website is a complete rip off

Nov 28, 2012

I tried three different searches off both email and phone numbers and got little and no information. I then tried myone email /phone number and only got one piece of wrong information. This website is a complete ripoff……… A three month subscription was non...