Usenet.nlsubscription policies

I used the page once and left no data for the payment, because I was not interested in buying any of their services. That is why I left the page and forgot about it, because I was sure no one charged my card, and was sure that they would contact me later to ask if I was interested in their services and I'd just ignore it.

Now (over a month later) I received an email that I owe them money...
I have no words for it.
I can't access the account, even though I've reset the password many times.
I've never even considered registering on that website.

I've read many complaints in many languages about, I've contacted the national organisation for mediation process (I'm not from the USA), and I know that the company is the biggest scam that exists in this world, but... I'm concerned.

I use internet services all-the-time. It probably makes me both fully aware of what I'm doing and careless at the same time. I consider myself savvy and it's the first time anything like that has happened to me. At first, I started blaming myself, as a victim normally does, but the evidence has been mounting and I cannot understand how that kind of company can still exist, operate and use actual bullying and threates fot over a decade.

I thought it was important to leave some testimony. I hope it will be possible to put an end to it soon.

Dec 08, 2018

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