USAArefusal to remove a levy on exempt funds

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On April 6, 2016 at approximately 4pm, I noticed that $161.51 was placed on a hold in my secondary account.

I immediately called and was given a telephone number for Virginia Tax Office. I spoke with them and confirmed that the debt was owed and was told that they would not take anything other than complete payment of said debt until April 11 on which date the would accept the establishment of a payment plan.

Therefore, I contacted USAA (Samantha) and informed them that I had contact VA Tax Office and let them know that I would not be permitted to set up a payment plan until April 11th. In addition, I informed them that these funds were funds that had been dispersed from VA DCSE and that Child Support funds are exempt from levy. Samantha place me on hold and spoke to the office that deal with levys on accounts. Samantha stated that "She" said that Child Support funds were NOT exempt. I asked if I could speak with the person that she spoke to and I was denied. I also asked for the USAA Attorney telephone number and was denied a telephone number for him as well.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX

I expressed my concern with the fact that no one would speak with my or look up my concerns nor would they provide me with a point of contact within USAA that may be able to help me.

After all, the person in the office that handles levys should be well aware of the exemptions. If unaware, unsure, or just for the sake of providing good customer service they should have been willing to refer to the documentation that they had file to ensure that their interpretation was correct in the effort to help a customer.

I explained to them that I was single mother with 2 children with special needs and that I could not afford to allow funds to remain on hold for 5 days and still their was no consideration given.

It concerns me that this is not only a financial matter but a legal matter and no one at the USAA offices cared enough to talk to me, double check their information, or provide me with another point of contact to deal with this issue. If someone would be so kind as to touch basis with me to resolve this immediately, I would greatly appreciate it.

Apr 06, 2016
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  • La
      Apr 06, 2016

    Please provide as much information as soon as possible.

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  •   Jun 24, 2016

    Sadly, the simple answer is, if you owe taxes, pay them and no one will levy your account. Another simple answer is not to leave all your money in one place where you have problems when you need cash.

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