USAA Insurance / failure to pay for damages

9800 Fedricksburg , San Antonio, TX, United States
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Phone: 800-531-8722 ext 74944 (Margaret Beard)

I was hit by __________ whom is insured by USAA on a Friday evening coming home from work when Miranda topped a hill on the wrong side of the road and collided with another car then hitting me. The accident was determined to be her fault by 3 witnesses and the police dept in Nolensville TN. My vehicle was deemed totalled by USAA and an offer was presented to me 17 days later. I did some research and found out that they were using after market parts on the estimate which made the savage value higher than what it sure have been if i decided to keep the truck. They also low balled my truck (provided evidents to them) and deducted 2000.00 because i have a rebuilt truck that the state of TN came out and inspected 10 years ago. During this time I was told the the rental truck that i had secured to get back and forth to work was denied coverage. I was left holding the bag for approx $16 because they told me that USAA is not obligated to provide me with a like vehicle even if i used it in my part time business (Gary's Paint and Body). In my procurement of an automobile/rental to get back and forth to work I had to take off a day ($20.50 X 8hrs = $164) in which i was not paid. I explained to the lady that I was a contractor and if i miss work i do not get paid. I rely on my 40 hr work week check to pay my bills like many Americans do. USAA offered to pay me 1/2 what i was due.Last I have the vehicle in storage and am paying insurance on this vehicle. According to the records I am due 21 days of storage and the check can be made out to Gary's Paint & Body Shop.
Last i did not ask for this lady to come over a curve on the wrong side of the road and put me in this spot. I change the oil in my truck as recommended by the mfg and the oil that i purchase which is the synthetic brand. This ladies carelessness has cost me considerable and now her insurance company is trying to get out of everything they can. first it was the rental, then the estimate using aftermarket parts, the day i missed work, and the low figure for my truck. Hopefully you can see a pattern here.

I faxed USAA a list of trucks within 150 miles as they suggested with similar if not identical options. The least expensive truck was 8990.00 - 2000.00 (branded title) = 6990.00 + tax ..etc. They are offering me approx 5900.00 for my truck 3000.00 less than what i can purchase a similar truck back. Along with the missed day of work, the storage fees, and the partial rental payment. Since i have been out of a vehicle for over a month i was forced to purchase a vehicle at a considerable cost. All i asked these people was to put me back were i was before i was ran over by there insured but they are uncooperative. 6990.00 + (21days * 10 = $210) + $16 for failure to pay rental on truck) + 1 work day ($164) = 7380.00 + any tax due..

USAA offered me 5962.00 at a loss of over 1400.00


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