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USAA Credit Card / bad service

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USAA has pissed me off for the last time! I've been in a couple situations where my mastercard has been put on freeze when certain emergancies had popped up; which by the way USAA doesn't let you know about it unless you go to their website on that certain day which tells you that your credit card might not work for today due to maintainence. I was in New York City at the time trying to pay for my meal at a restaurant and when they ran my card through it popped up declined. I had to run to the nearest ATM to pull out cash using my NASA Federal Credit Union ATM card. While I was doing this, my friend was sitting in the restaurant getting glares from the waiters/manager. That was a very unpleasent night and embarrasing one too. The second was when I was in Basic Military Training for the United States Air Force. While near the end of BMT I had to pay for dry cleaning, which at that time I gave them my Mastercard which popped up declined. That was embarrasing too, my wingman payed for my clothes thank god. I couldn't call them right after because I didn't have patio break/base pass until the next week. When I finally had time to call them. They ended up putting me on hold for at least an hour, which at this time I could be calling my parents to tell them that I'm okay and that I love them. When they finally got through, they told me that they canceled my card due to, "TWO LATE PAYMENTS and going over my limit one time." That one late payment was due to fact I was going through BMT and my dad forgot to take money out of my savings to pay it, which was only late for 2 days. And for me going over my limit; I ended up doing a money transfer from my NASA FED Credit Union to my USAA Credit Card. I ended up going to my NASA Bank that same day and they told me that the checks that I received won't go through for another week due to it being international. I called USAA right away to ask them to cancel the money transfer process and they did NOTHING!!! They told me that they couldn't do it and that I would be hit with a penalty due to it. So now, my USAA Credit Card is canceled by USAA and they damaged my Experian Credit Report. My First Sergeant, even talked to them on behalf of me and they put him on hold for quit awhile and then showed him the disrespect of telling him two different excuses on why they canceled my card. The first operator told him that they just frozed it due to fraud, then the second operator finally told him that they canceled it due to the late payment. Which my First Sergeant said that it doesn't make sense, which they replied with a, "I don't know, I just work here" type of statement and when my first sergeant asked to talk to a superviser they replied that he won't come to the phone now to him being to busy. WTF!

For a Credit Card company saying that they support the military they sure know how to show it. So now I tell all my airmen who are in the dorms with me in Text School not to get USAA because they are a Credit agency that will ### up your credit report, even if you try to explain to them your situation. They just simply don't care and they simply don't care about how many stripes you have or how many years your serving. The basic line that they give you is, "Thank you for serving and sorry to tell you this, but you've been Denied. Good Bye"

This Airmen and other active military personnel aren't getting USAA again and we will be protesting them at our base. I've talked to two Marines that got screwed over by USAA and another Airmen so believe me when I say that Military or Civilian, they don't care. Go with NASA federal Credit Union they're much nicer to to the military. ^_^

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  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I signed up with Talent BEFORE I did my research. I paid $149.99 so I could sign my daugther up for 6 months. I thought I was getting a good deal becuase I recieved an email from an "agent" saying that they would be interested in my daughter for a commerical that was being shot in my area (my daughter's pic wasnt even posted at the time, should had be alert number 1). I complained to Paypal and my bank that this company was a fraud.

    Too make a long story short, these people WILL NOT respond to any of your requests about cancellations and refunds because they dont have too! My bank (USAA) will not dispute Paypal, told me that they were untouchable. I disputed with Paypal and my claim was denied. I complained with the Better Business Buearu, still pending but Im sure that my money is gone.

    People do your research please. I feel so stupid becuase I cant even get my daughters pics to even load up on their website. SO I got screwed with no protection at all! MAN!!!

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