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On this occasion my mail was delivered to a completely different street while one of my neighbors mail was delivered to me. We are a small town (1 square mile) with a local Post Office that continually makes delivery errors. One would think any job worth having is worth doing right - in the village of Greene that is not the case - I just answered my door to find a stranger delivering me my mail on a Sunday because the government paid employee that is supposed to do the job didn't.

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  • Ve
      Nov 18, 2013

    I made a purchase on Amazon on the November 9, 2013. I was told that I would receive my order in three days.
    FedEx took the order and it was place over to the US Postal service. FedEx told me to contact you concerning this matter.
    This man stated that he made a delivery and yet he did not leave a slip stating that he tried to make a delivery.
    The US postman stated that he made an attempt on Friday the 15th and knock on the door.
    Men were out raking leaves and said that the US Postman went to the church door and got back in his vehicle.
    This postman did not leave my today mail in the mailbox either nothing was left not even a statement that there was a box..
    US postman stated that he tried back again at 6:44. This postman must have not known that we have church on Friday night at 7:00 and we are in the church at 6:30pm turning on the heat, another lie.
    Then he states that he returned on Saturday 16th at 11:am. I was at the church at 11:am
    and the people that clean the church was there at 10:30am When I arrived at 10:55 I looked in the mailbox and there was not
    mail in the box. I was looking for Friday mail which I did not receive at all!. I had my car on the parking lot and the cleaning lady car was on the parking lot and two vehicles of the men that were working for the day finishing raking the leaves. All these vehicle and this
    mailman never knock on the door. I went out to look in the mailbox a 12:00 noon and there was mail. I have a sign on the church doors stating if no one is available please leave mail at Kim's 9909 next door. That has been on our door for over twenty years. Who are these people. If they say that there was no sign on the door. We can prove this easy with a picture that was taken the first of the year when we paid off our church and we are out front of the church door with the members burning out mortgage. The location of our church is Jesus Saves Lighthouse Church-9901 E. 38th St. Indianapolis, IN [protected]
    My name is Pastor Venus Stafford and been a pastor here thirty years. Tracking no. # [protected]
    Case number with US Postal #CA115170110
    Home Phone: [protected] Cell [protected]

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  • Le
      Oct 02, 2019

    Once I use up my physical postage stamps on small packages, USPS will never ever have my service. Last year I did over 6k of service with them. So far this year I've cut back at least 50 percent. Next year I will be gone. Goodbye USPS, and GOOD RIDDENS!

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