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US Airways Master Card / customer service

1 CA, United States Review updated:

The customer service with the US airways master card is ridiculous.
I have never received such horrible service before.
Not only dont they ever have a MANAGER availble, but they never want to help you deal with issues.
All they say is i cant do anything at the moment.
One person even giggled and hung up the phone!
what type of service is that!?!?!?!

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  9th of Sep, 2008
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US Airways Master Card - poor customer relations
United States

After repeated calls to complain about not getting a statement in the mail and getting a $29 late charge as a result of not paying the $15 amount due on time and talking to "robots" who just keep repeating the same thing and not even acknowledging what you are asking, I tried email. The first one was ignored. I finally got a response but they didn't respond to my request to waive the late fee. Finally, on the third email, they tell me the late fee was assigned properly and will not be waived. I have never been late on a payment with this card and have always paid all statements in full. These people don't care about the customer at all, they only want to squeeze every cent they can out of you. I will never use this card again.

  27th of Sep, 2008
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I had the exact thing happen to me. We never received a statement and was hit with a late fee. I used this card for business and have never been late either and have a excellent score. I pay my bills promptly as I receive the statements. After calling and complaining to the number they referred me to the web sight which I wasn't able to log in plus it didn't recognized my name as a account holder. Has anyone else run into this problem with them and was it resolved? Nobody is at this complaint number during the weekend so I have to fume until Monday which I doubt it will get resolved.

  10th of Nov, 2008
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I filled out my application at the LV Intl Airport & they must have typed in the wrong ZIP Code. They sent my first card & statement to a zip in Oregon - 1 off of the real code. I called & fixed it, was issued a second card to the right address, and then they sent my next statement to the wrong ZIP again. I was issued the late fee (which was eventually waived) but hoisted to the default 22.99% rate. I have since spoken to their Pakistani customer service line 4 times without being able to get anyone to help fix it. They read pre-programmed responses off of a card and re read them if you ask the same question.
I cancelled my account today and am in the process of transferring the small balance to a real company. DO NOT APPLY WITH THIS COMPANY! They are funded through Barclay's Bank Deleware.

  26th of Nov, 2008
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Stay away from this card. If you have not applied, DO NOT APPLY. If you have been duped into getting one, CANCEL IT. The card comes with fees which are not revealed when you sign for it, and the company seems to achieve its profit margin by slapping on late fees and interest charges with the thinnest of pretexts. It is a nightmare, and I suspect that the future will hold a class-action suit for all who have fallen prey to this scam.

  3rd of Dec, 2008
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It has been three months and I have not yet received my US Airways World MasterCard. I spoke with a representative once in October about not receiving my card and just yesterday spoke with another representative requesting to refund the annual fee that I paid and cancel my card, or if that is not possible, to waive next year's annual fee. The only option that the representative gave me was to send me my card via fedex without a fee which should have been done in the first place. The representative verified that there was no documentation of any card ever being sent out.

I was very very upset by this and when I asked to speak with the representative's manager, this request was refused. She claimed she had no manager (liar unless she's the CEO) and that her phone could only accept incoming calls and cannot transfer calls or make outgoing calls which was another lie because she later offered to transfer me back onto the queue (of course when I asked her if she had been lying to me, she did not respond). Anyhow, I was not willing to do that considering that the day before, twice I waited for 20 minutes to speak with someone and was unsuccessful.

So after spending half an hour of my time going back and forth with this person (Mary is her name and she is supposedly one of the managers), she hung up on me.

I emailed US Airways customer relations and they said they could do nothing about it. They said to keep on trying to call the credit card (hell no). I will never fly US Airways again. The airline sucks and they do not live up to their claim: "The ... satisfaction of our customers is a top priority for our airline".

This is the worst customer service I had ever experienced.

  9th of Dec, 2008
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This credit card is a scam. Offered us a two airline companion tickets for $100 each if we took a credit card with them. First year we never got them but they got us for the high interest rate all year long. They apologized & didn't charge us for the annual fee for the 2nd yr if we agreed not to cancel. Each yr you get 2 more companion tickets. Here it is November & we still don't have them!!! we called them & they have the worst customer service you can imagine. They can barely speak english & then get annoyed with you when they have to repeat themselves! Their policy is 24-48 hrs before you can even speak to a supervisor. We were told the certifcates were mailed out in Sept & we should have gotten them in November??? what a ridiculous answer. We get everything else they send. Their monthy invoices when they want their money, their special offers on other deals that they're offering, etc... but NO travel certificates! Mean while we're paying 17% financing all year long on charges!!! we have another credit card with a lower APR but the incentive was the travel savings that we knew we could save come this December. It will take them 6 weeks to re-issue the certificates. Long past our travel plans. This company is a scam!!! don't take out a credit card with them. We plan on filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office for fraud. Any agency we can find that protects consumer rights. I'm NOT done with them. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Nothing but a bunch of liars!!!

  3rd of Feb, 2009
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at least you got through!! i've been on hold for over an hour and this is not my first time to try calling...

  10th of Feb, 2009
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A vendor placed an authorization on my card for $285.00. The charge hit my card, and I paid it within two days of the charge hitting my account. However the authorization remained. I called the first time, and the gentleman keep saying you are good to go but I can't remove the authorization. I said the amount has hit the account and I have paid it. What my concern was that if I bought a big ticket item and the amount went into the authorization, the purchase would be declined. After three requests for a supervisor, and him putting me on hold, I said, sir in the united states when you ask for a supervisor you get one. He began arguing with me, and I hung up. Called back a second time, got a young lady, she began giving me the same explanation, and I asked for a supervisor. A man came on the line, evidently from the US office and he gave me this explanation:

1. The authorization has to be removed by the merchant. He cannot remove it.
2. The agents are empowered as much as the supervisors. If they can't remove it, he can't.

I challended him on the unwarranted denial of a charge by one of my common merchants a week ago because "fraudulent" activity was noted. No activity was noted, because they randomly do that, as explained by one of their agents, to make sure you have the card. Whats interesting is the "security" company didnt call til an hour later. So here I would stand, a declined charge, and an hour later egg on my face because they are performing an "unwarranted" security hold on the card, when ample credit was available.

  24th of Feb, 2009
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I applied for this card to get the US Airways miles and thought it would be a good way to handle my purchases of business air travel. I soon realized that the interest rate had jumped to an extremely high level and that I was getting hit with high service fees with little to no service. My credit lined was reduced for no reason making it difficult to even purchase an airline ticket. I want to get out of this card as soon as I can.

  9th of Oct, 2009
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My usairways card was transferred to a Mastercard last month. I filled in all
the information online, and Wachovia bank made my payment online in
a timely manner.

My balance was 218. or so, I made the payment in full, and they have socked
me with a service charge of 39.00 and a finance charge of 14.12-- saying they
did not receive the charge, though I have proof it was debited from my account.
They have refused to remove the charges, and are requiring Wachovia to fax them proof, then they deal with me.

I have had a US Airways card for over 15 years, pay the full balance at the
end of the month, and have never had a problem. If they are not able to
resolve it, I am out of there, and canceling my account, and will not give
them a chance to give me any more grief.

  22nd of Jan, 2010
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The customer service is AWFUL! I pay by check but somehow they manage to receive my payment one day too late and I'm almost always charged a late fee. This has happened several times. They will not remove late fee charges because the people you speak to cannot understand ENGLISH! These is a trashy and sleezy way to handle customers and I would suggest others to not get this card or cancel. This is dishonest business. If you pay by phone, make sure that you check the next day to see if it has been confirmed. You have to watch everything you do with this company. I have cancelled this card!

  9th of Apr, 2010
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This is the worst master card I have ever owned int he past 25 years. I have a very good credit history and payoff my credit cards end of month. After I paid the full balance on the phone for this card they still had put in a $2 as a minimum charge for the next month. I did not see it since I thought we have paid it in full & did not realize it until I got a bill with $40 late payment fee on the $2 maintenance fee! Now we know how they make their money. Their customer service is one of the worst in the industry. I canceled this card as I am not sure why anyone with their right mind would keep this one when you get very good deals elsewhere like United.

  19th of May, 2010
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We opened a USAirways MC for travel purposes. Boy was this a mistake. Not only have we not received the companion tickets we're supposed to get (from last August). Now they say that we won't get them at all because they would expire before we got them. What a crock! I've called countless times and get routed to someone who barely speaks English. There is NEVER a Customer Service Manager available! And apparently nothing that can be done!!! Most frustrating company I've ever dealt with! At present I can't close the account because of job loss, but as soon as I have a job I'm closing the account. Worse company that I've ever dealt with!! DO NOT TAKE a card from USAirways!!!

  7th of Jun, 2010
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I had a similar experience. Got the card in February and it is now mid June and no points and no companion tickets...and no refund! This is dispicable behavior. I have called several times and they will not email, fax, or overnight the certificiates. I plan to contact my U.S. Congressman and report this fraud. I see this as bait and switch and action needs to be taken against USAirways and Barclays Bank.

  7th of Sep, 2010
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Two years in a row I have had to call MULTIPLE times to get my "anniversary kit." (This is only my third year with the card, and the first kit came right away.) I am supposed to get it in October every year. Last year (2008 anniversary) it took until July (2009); this year (2009 anniversary) it's already August (2010) and even after three attempts and them saying they mailed it again and again – NOTHING. Oddly, they don't have records of all my calls, just the most recent. I have lived in the same place for 7 years, and I get all the promotional crap they send me every month. Why not these?

Forget customer service; it's the worst of the worst. Just robot talk. I canceled my card in an act of futility, but they would not refund my fee, even though they have breached their terms. Seems like USAirways MasterCard is pulling a fraud here, based on several other comments above.

I would be happy to join a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT to correct this.

  13th of Feb, 2011
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US Airways Master Card - Hidden Charges-
USAir Mastercard
United States

This is the most unbelievably unfair and worst Credit Card I have EVER owned. After getting frustrated with their constant reminders about payments due (I have never missed a payment (ever)) so I don't have any idea why they were always so pesky), I paid off the card after several months of carrying a balance, I called and got the pay-off, and paid EXACTLY what was owed, they then waited two months and called me at 8:00 on a Sunday morning, left a message . I called and they claimed I had a unpaid balance because of interest charges which occurred and had not been on the statement????????? I reluctantly paid the "interest charge" because i was had grown tired of being placed on hold on and off for almost an hour, and my time became more important than the "hidden" interest charges they claimed were owed- THEN they had the gall to tell me there would be a fee to pay with a debit card????????? I paid via checking account, and CLOSED THE ACCOUNT. If you have this card, UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO READ ALL THE FINE PRINT AND HAVE HOURS ON HAND FOR ANY DISPUTE you should too! THIEVES!!!

  21st of Mar, 2011
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I've had the absolute worst time with this horrible company. Every single time I call in, they act like they couldn't care less about what I'm saying (and they don't even listen to what I'm saying in the first place). I have called from a landline and from cell phones with full service, which NEVER drop calls, and almost each time I get in touch with someone FINALLY, to discuss this, and the call starts getting heated (bc they refuse to help me on a problem from their end) the call someone "disconnects"... Not "FAILS" (as if it dropped on my end) just stops - as if they hang up.

One rep even laughed and just said "HAH! You know what?" and hung up.

My card was stolen - and it's taken over 7 calls and multiple hours to get them to even mark it down in my account and get the right numbers for a submission to get the fraudulent charges back to me -

I'm paying 30+% APR b/c of "late payments" that they claim didn't go through (even tho they did on my end) - and not to mention, I now have another "late payment" for fraudulent charges made when my card was stolen. NOT OK.

I feel so upset that anyone is supporting such a crooked, scamming company like this.

  3rd of Jun, 2011
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most operators are offshore and speak no English, so good luck

  21st of Feb, 2012
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They definitely misrepresent their deals. I signed up for a $59 fee and was charged an $89 dollar fee. After I canceled my card, the next month had a 10 dollar or so charge from the last few transactions I made. I paid it, tore up the card. Then I got a 59 dollar charge from a neighborhood restaurant with a transaction date of Nov. 19, shortly before the card was closed, but it conveniently didn't post for 18 days, which put me into the next billing cycle, allowing Barclay's to charge a sneaky 2 dollar "minimum" charge fee, since, technically, I hadn't used the account that month [even despite the fact that the account was CLOSED]. They are not on the level. It's best not to deal with such a company at all.

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