US AirwaysBad food, unkind flight attendants

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I took a 9 hour flight from Rome to Philadelphia where near the end of the flight I was served some sort of sandwich wrapped in plastic. I ate part of it and shortly after I started to feel nauseated. So then about 2 hours late immediately before I boarded my second flight I started to vomit. I continued to vomit throughout the whole 5 hour flight. I asked the flight attendant if I could have a blanket because I was getting the chills and she just informed me that I could buy a nap sack. The flight attendant also asked me if I could limit my vomiting to just one bathroom, which I found absurd considering my condition, and rude. While we were landing I had again used another barf bag and hit the service button to ask for some water. Before the flight attendant had a chance to come my friend gave me some of theirs. When the attendant arrived I told her what I had wanted and in a rude tone of voice that suggested she wouldn't have even attempted to help me in any way shape or form said "well good because we were landing anyways".
I'm sorry but are they really too cheap to spare a blanket and some sympathy to someone who was vomiting for 5 hours straight because she ate some tainted food on her last flight by the same airlines? Needless to say I will never fly on US airways again.


  • H
      Jun 25, 2009

    you probably had airsickness. why do you have to barf in all the washrooms. no one else got sick, even your freind did not get sick. you have airsickness. you still have to pay for the blankit. sometimes if you are rude they don't help you.

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  • I
      Jul 28, 2009

    Are you dog? Do you need to mark your territory by barfing in every bathroom? Seriously what is wrong with you?? It sucks that you were sick but no one else needs to subjected to your puke in all the freaking bathrooms.

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