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US Airways / Items stolen out of my carry-on by baggage handlers

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I made a complaint to US Airways Baggage Resolution department about my things being stolen by one of their employees and was basically told they are not liable because they decided they are not. I was on a flight on January 7th from Detroit to Providence. My flight connected in Philadelphia . My first flight was an express flight and we were told we had to give our carry ons directly to the baggage handlers to put inside the storage compartment in the plane. The planes are small and cannot hold all the carry ons inside. It is the only time the bag was out of my sight. In the front pocket of my backpack I had my portable external hard drive and a wireless mouse. When I started to unpack the next day the only thing in the pocket was a package of peanuts, and the pocket was zipped when I got my bag so it did not fall out. I e-mailed the airline immediately and have yet to receive a reply, so I am already unimpressed with the customer service. I called eventually and was told to handle it through the mail with Baggage Resolution. I was forced to give my carry on, a bag intended to stay with a customer, to the baggage person. I was not offered anything so they are not concerned with keeping customers, and I am a frequent flyer. I not only lost my personal items in this situation but I can never recover the things on my hard drive. I sent them receipts of the items and it is clear what happened so they know the items exist and were not lost. I was offered nothing abd basically told too bad so I take that to mean the airline encourages their employees to steal by not caring about these situations. I have no doubt that there was no investigation as to who was working that day and no kind of disciplinary action took place. I do not understand what makes the airline think they can type up a limitation of liability statement. They are liable because it is their problem if their employees are stealing, not mine. So it is their responsibility. U.S. Airways does not have the right to not accept liability when they either lose someones baggage or have employees who are stealing from customers. I did not sign anything agreeing to this disclaimer so I do not see how it can be valid. It is despicable to treat customers this way regardless and I will no longer fly with this airline, and neither will my family. I was offered anything, not even a ticket which costs just about nothing to the airline. So there is no concern about losing customers.

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  • Am
      13th of May, 2009
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    I also experienced the same exact problem. I was moving from Boston to Florida and and on trip I packed 3 suitecases with a bunch of items that I needed right away before the movers could get them to me in FL. I flew out of Boston on USair and when I got to FL and unpacked I noticed that several valuable items were taken, watches, ipod, sunglasses and pair of shoes. Tried to complain online but got autoresponses saying they "may" get to it with in 3-5 days, called cusotmer service and they basically said that they are not responsible for items missing from my baggage and that was it. Nothing ... So, I contacted the State police and filed a stolen property report and had them launch an investigation, I guess having their employees arrested and on the 6 oclock news is better than dealing with this internally?? F'them!

  • Ro
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    Everyone is saying that they told me I have no case so basically they airline just got over AGAIN! I just had things stolen out of my bag, personal things, clothes, dvd (not electrical mind you) and yes some electrical things, I'm sorry but when I checked my bags in I didn't sign a waiver stating that you could freely SHOP in my bag, I checked my bag in with the thoughts of the people who were checking them in already had a backgound check and were trust worthy, this not only violates my right to have safe travels but it is a security risk, just as easily as they stole things out of my bag they could have put something in it, I.E. a bomb, drugs, anything but I am suppose to think that they are looking out for my best interest when I fly. I will be taking thing to court and I will be bringing up the fact that I was violated. When people break into your house the police don't tell you oh well, this shouldn't be the practice of the airline, they rip you off by putting in all sorts or extra charges and now you supply their felon employees with their Christmas gifts too!

  • Ch
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    my brother just flew from newark to dusseldorf with usairways for christmas. they robbed valuable (electronic) presents and did not stop on it as they also STOLE the batteries that went with the thing or some other extra stuff bought for the main presents, packed in separate packages. this is insane and i still can't believe how this can happen. they humilitate you and tell you to get out of your shoes while their cooworkers are STEALING your personal stuff!! i agree with the comment above. really, once you step through that metal detector, your life is their hands. I have less and less trust and respect for these people. sad but true. merry xmas thieves!!

  • Us
      7th of Sep, 2011
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    We had a similar theft occur. We were flying from Kona Hawaii to Columbus with a layover in Phoenix. We took a late-night flight out of Kona, we were the only plane in the entire tiny airport. There can't have been more than one baggage handler. We were nearly last to board and were told that there was no more room in the overhead compartments so we would have to check one of our carry ons. I handed over my laptop case, which also had a camera in the pocket.
    When we got on the plane, it certainly seemed there would have been room for the bag. But it was too late. We'd handed it off.
    When we arrived in Phoenix we expected to recover the bag at as we got off the plane. It wasn't there. They said it would be forwarded to our final destination. Had we been told that I would have taken the valuables out as the point of carrying-on is to have your bags (and valuables) with you.
    When we finally got to Columbus, no bag. It had been "delayed" in Phoenix and was delivered to us the next day. When we inspected the contents, the camera case was unzipped and the camera missing. We immediately filed a complaint, kept all our documentation, sent over receipts and filed a police report only to be told by US Air that they're not liable so they will not compensate us.
    I think if an airline forces you to hand over your personal possessions that by definition are supposed to remain with you, they should be liable for the loss. If bags aren't going to be returned to you immediately, they should inform you of that so you can decide whether to turn them over. If they assume no liability when they take your carry on items from you to check they should inform you of that before checking them. Who knows how many hands our bag passed through because it was mysteriously "delayed."
    If anyone has had any sort of resolution with complaints of this nature, either via arrests, court action or simply speaking to higher-ups in US Air, please let me know.

  • Be
      18th of Oct, 2011
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    You have to request special food requests and not just assume the staff knows your allergies. They don't label food with name and seat numbers as if you were in pre-school. get over your self!

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