Urban Outfittersservice

G Mar 08, 2017

We are in Australia. My son ordered 5 articles of clothing which of course all were all placed on back order for the first 2 weeks. Urban "took" the money from my bank account and kept it on hold for a week. Then within a day of doing this, sent out one order and took an amount from my account again. (The weekend was quiet with no grocery shop due to close to $400 AUD being taken by Urban.) When I contacted them, they swore it wasn't them holding the money, my bank disagreed. I asked them to send the order all in one as I am charged a conversion fee each time they take from my credit card but they then sent another one article of clothing. 3 articles left to come but it completely slipped my mind. I receive an email to tell me they tried to take money from my account to charge me for two articles but the funds were not available. If I want to continue with the order my son has been hanging out for the last month or so, I must call them. I reply "I AM IN AUSTRALIA...please proceed with the order. You have all the details and my permission." They reply "No you must call!" I reply - "you just lost a sale!" Absolutely appalling service and if the company cannot deal with international sales and contact - get off the internet. I will not be "REACHING OUT" to them again!

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